Conservative Group Endorses Sarah Steelman for Missouri’s 8th District

The SEMO Times is reporting that a popular conservative group has endorsed Sarah Steelman for the state of Missouri’s 8th district to replace Jo Ann Emerson in 2013.

Poplar Bluff, MO – Maggie’s List, a federal political action committee dedicated to electing conservative women to federal office, has announced their endorsement of Sarah Steelman for Missouri’s vacant 8th U.S. Congressional District seat.

Congresswoman Emerson will be retiring from the U.S. House of Representatives in February 2013. The 8th Republican Congressional District Committee will select a nominee to stand in the special election.

“Maggie’s List has the utmost respect for the 8th Congressional District GOP Committee and the magnitude of this decision.  We encourage them to evaluate the experience of the candidates and their potential to win in the special election.  Sarah Steelman is a strong candidate who will help put an end to the exponential growth of government, and encroachment into the free market economy that defines the Obama administration.  Sarah is a candidate that has a strong record of opposing government spending as a State Senator, and maintained Missouri’s good credit rating as State Treasurer.  She has all the right ingredients for victory,” says Sandra B. Mortham, Chairman of Maggie’s List and former Florida Secretary of State.

“I am grateful for the endorsement of Maggie’s List because they too place importance upon the conservative values of less government, more personal responsibility and strong national security–the ideals that have driven me to serve both as a State Senator and as State Treasurer in Missouri. Long ago women were told we had no place in politics. Now we are told that we must hew to a liberal-left point of view on so-called women’s issues. But there is no issue upon which women cannot lead, and fiscal and personal responsibility are exactly the things that are in short supply in Washington, DC”, stated Steelman.

You can read the entire piece here.

I do think it’s interesting that Sarah Steelman is the only woman it seems who is stepping up to replace Jo Ann Emerson.  Conservatives do need proven conservative women to represent us in both houses of Congress.  But of course, it’s more important to get the best candidate.  It just so happens that we know Ms. Steelman has a tried and tested spine.  We know she’s stood up to members of her own party when necessary and she’s always willing to ask the tough questions and take the tough stances that others simply will not.

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