Politico Resurrects Tucson in Reporting Governor Palin’s Post, Update: Politico Corrects Their Article

Governor Palin’s inspirational and thoughtful post is making its rounds on the net.  It’s surfaced over at the Huffington Post as well as other left-wing hang outs.

However, this one at Politico caught my attention.

In it, they begin and end their reporting of it by reminding Americans of the Tuscon shooting and further implying that Governor Palin had something to do with a massacre carried out by a left-wing lunatic who hated Gabby Giffords long before anyone knew who Sarah Palin was. (Emphasis)

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — who was harshly criticized for her response to the January 2011 mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz. — is telling Americans in the wake of Newtown to put their faith in God and ignore political and media “elites.”


After the shooting in Tucson, some liberals pointed a finger at Palin, who released a map showing Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the attack’s target, in a pair of cross hairs. Palin accused the media of manufacturing “blood libel,” and her poll numbers plummeted.

Try not to choke on that.  “Some liberals?”  Okay, fine.  There was at least one liberal I can think of who criticized the media and the left for politicizing the tragedy.  It was Bob Beckel and that was only because he was the one who invented the concept of the map Palin took criticism for.  And it’s true, Palin was “harshly criticized” for her response to the shooting.  However; nobody can still truly explain exactly why when all Palin was doing was debunking the “blood libel” manufactured by the media.

Further, despite the characterization of this political piece, the Palin-map did not reflect a picture of Giffords in a pair of crosshairs.

The game the left plays with Palin goes kind of like this: A.) Let’s start a rumor or accuse her of something.  B.) Wait for her to respond to it.  C.) Then attack her for the response.

The Tucson debacle mirrored her resignation this way.  Immediately returning to Alaska after her 2008 VP run, left-wingers bombarded her with frivolous ethics charges.  She then resigned to prevent them from further abusing the Ethics Act.  Now all we hear about is the resignation.

With Tuscon, it was literally minutes from the original reporting of the shooting that the media and the AP began connecting the tragedy to Governor Palin.  They criticized her for not coming out to comment on it immediately.  Then, when she did, they “harshly criticized” that.

It was that false (and disgusting) smear that propelled President Obama to give a speech on civility.  The only problem is, he didn’t rebuke those who falsely accused her of it.  Instead he used the media’s perpetuation of a lie by left-wingers to further build on a narrative against one of his political enemies.

Keep in mind; this was the same man who immediately told all of us to not “jump to conclusions” in the case of Malik Hasan who sprayed bullets into 40+ of our bravest and finest at Ft. Hood.

You’d have thought that Mr. President could have taken just a few moments — given the magnitude of the focus on Governor Palin during the Tucson tragedy — to remind Americans to not “jump to conclusions” in the case of a fellow American, even if she served as a political threat.

But you see, speaking out against something without crony capitalism being involved or without a special-interest payoff lurking behind the curtains is not what you’ll find of a typical Chicago politician who knows of nothing but protecting his own political hide.

We’re used to the left doing this.  They survive because of untrue narratives, not facts.  There really is no further way to debunk smear against a former Governor who literally had nothing to do with a tragedy that the left still tries to blame her for.  Meanwhile, nobody seems to care that a concussion is keeping Hillary Clinton from testifying on the Benghazi deaths.

We’re fortunate and lucky to have someone like Governor Palin who will speak the truth to these matters.  We need it.  Politico as well as other media outlets (including some that are supposed to be on our side) will continue to politicize tragedies for ratings and for agenda.  By doing so, they will continue to contribute to these senseless acts by teaching an entire generation how to manufacture hate for someone in lieu of simply reporting the facts.


Thanks to all of your tweets and others out there, Politico has added a correction to their article.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misstated what Sarah Palin’s map cross hairs were over. They were over Gabrielle Giffords’s congressional district.

Of course, they could have been 100% forthright and mentioned that Governor Palin had nothing to do with the Tucson tragedy at all.  They could have pointed out the media’s perpetuation of this myth along with their manufactured hate for Governor Palin which has created an epic amount of intolerance for her and her family and apologized for contributing to it.

But I guess we ought to be grateful for any correction at all.

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