Scott Conroy | Jockeying Picks Up for Potential Mass. Senate Race

After several news organizations reported that President Obama has settled on nominating Sen. John Kerry to be the next secretary of state, the unofficially declared race to succeed the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee has begun to intensify.

If Obama does call on him to take Hillary Clinton’s place as the nation’s top-ranking Cabinet official, Kerry would have to resign his Senate seat after what would likely be a relatively smooth confirmation process.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick would then appoint an interim senator before a special election is called to determine who would retain the seat until 2014.

By state law, that election must be held within 145 to 160 days of the exiting lawmaker’s resignation.

Outgoing Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown is widely expected to attempt to reclaim the perch he ascended to after winning another special election in 2010. Having lost his re-election bid last month to Elizabeth Warren, Brown took a public step toward rebranding himself Wednesday: He reversed a previously stated position and came out in favor of a federal assault-weapons ban in the aftermath of last week’s shooting massacre at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school.


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