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NOTE: This post was originally published on US4Palin. The transcript was prepared by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and the interview included AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla.

In describing his interview with Anita Finlay and John Smart, Kevin Scholla, host, SarahNET Radio wrote,

I recently had the privilege of being a guest on Finlay And Smart Talk, hosted by Anita Finlay and John Smart. Anita, best known for her time on The Young And The Restless, is also the author of a very popular book on Hillary Clinton. Though our political views differ, Anita is always very gracious and really, a wonderful person. We covered a myriad of issues while talking a great deal about Sarah Palin. I was originally scheduled to be on the program for the first half, but since our conversation was so lively, Anita and John kept me on for the entire episode. They didn’t even take any calls because our banter was non-stop. Nothing was off limits. We discuss the divide in the Republican party, the fiscal cliff, abortion, gay marriage, media bias, and much more. I think you will enjoy this spirited interview. It was an honor to be a guest on the show and to be able to speak about Governor Palin.

Gov. Palin: True Conservative

In this wide-ranging interview, Scholla said Democrats tend to rally behind their nominees, whereas Republicans do not and if a conservative wins nomination, he has to “kiss the ring of the Republican establishment.”

When asked about what constitutes a true conservative, Scholla said it’s not just fiscal, but the entire package. He said former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin typifies the “people we need and the phrase here is ‘common-sense conservative’….you look at a lot of the people backed by Gov. Palin – Ted Cruz, who’s just been elected to the U.S. Senate out of Texas really is going to become the leader of this movement.” He continued, “We have a Deb Fischer out of Nebraska – a rancher who came out of nowhere in the primaries to win the U.S. Senate seat. As far as re-elected, there’s Rep. Paul Gosar out of Arizona, someone to keep an eye on in Washington. Also, Jeff Flake, who was a Congressman and is now a U.S. Senator from Arizona.”

Who works for who?

He said most politicians only care about reelection and quoted Gov. Palin’s “polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers,” from her crony capitalism speech in Indianola, Iowa. Scholla said these public servants think we work for them largely because of voter apathy. “For every one person who cares so much about our country, there’s so many who have no idea of what is going on right under their noses.

Why Romney Lost

In discussing the 2012 election, Scholla said most Palinistas voted for Romney, but there was a general lack of enthusiasm for him. Scholla said many voters stayed home and many did not see enough of a difference between Romney and Obama. He cited Reagan’s Bold Colors speech and also said people were not voting for Romney as much as they were voting against Obama.

Scholla said Gov. Palin was kept out of the Republican Convention. He said she was like a rock star at CPAC and has a 95% name recognition. He said Romney was a good man surrounded by hacks who feel threatened by powerful women – hacks who had been around for 20 years. But, he acknowledged later on that Romney lost in part because “he has been on every side of every issue.”

Leftist, Elitist Hypocrisy with Women and Minorities

He spoke at length about the hypocrisy of Democrats who are for women and minorities – as long as said women and minorities are Democrats, but even then Democratic women are not safe. Finlay recounted being called a racist for supporting Hillary Clinton. He spoke also about the clash between conservatives and elitist Republicans typified by Charles Krauthammer and George Will – both of whom have said flippant things about Gov. Palin.

Bold Colors or New Party?

“Something has to give,” Scholla said outlining two options. The GOP going back to its roots as Ronald Reagan advocated over 37 years ago in his Bold Colors speech is one. The second option is a powerful national third party as Gov. Palin’s brother, Chuck Heath, Jr. advocated in a series of Facebook posts this week, which where picked up by Bloomberg News, Huffington Post, and WorldNet Daily. Scholla said if someone like Gov. Palin were to found and lead such a party, “you could see an election that could go 30%, 33%, 29%, something along those lines, where a third party could pull it off.”

Gov. Palin’s Relevance in the Future

On Gov. Palin’s relevance moving forward, Scholla said,

“We’ll find out and it will be her decision. I’m not one of those ‘Draft Sarah Palin’ people. I want her to do what she wants to do. Now…who was more disappointed than me when she said she wasn’t going to run in 2012? Not many. I really wanted her to run. I thought it was her chance for really being the opposite of the incumbent. That said, I respected her decision right away. Look, she has five children, two of them adults now, but still five kids. She has a lot to take care of and she also went through a lot – as you know – and continues to – with the way things are thrown at her – and not just her: her husband, her family, her parents. The way they are just – you know – just attacked all the time from the left, from the media.”

Finlay asked Scholla if he thought the reason Gov. Palin did not run was the mainstream media “irrevocably poisoning the well” for enough of the public that a Presidential run would have been impossible to win. Scholla responded:

“I don’t think so as far as it being irrevocable. Would she have won this past season? I don’t know. Was that a factor in her decision? I don’t know. But, America loves “the comeback kid” as you know and that’s another thing. After a while, you keep getting beat down as she does and she is still out there smiling and giving her perspective proudly and without trepidation – people say ‘now that I think about it…she’s been proven right on so many things that were laughed at when they were first said – death panels, things of that nature – but we’ll see where she goes, if she runs for President. A lot of people think she may run for Senate.”

On the debt, Scholla said that Republicans are going along to get along. Meanwhile, Gov. Palin said we went off the fiscal cliff already and it was just a matter of how hard the thud would be when we hit bottom.

Finlay said just as there are disgruntled conservatives who want a third party, there are disgruntled Democrats who similarly want one. But, both Finlay and Smart are moderate on social issues. They were horrified by Akins’ “legitimate rape” fiasco. They asked Scholla if he could vote for or support a fiscally conservative third party that was moderate on social issues. Scholla said that Sarah Palin and other prominent conservatives and Republicans told Akins to step down. Gov. Palin had endorsed Sarah Steelman, who was the far better candidate. Akins ran even though he had no chance of winning. He said most conservatives would not – and should not – accept the type of party Finlay and Smart proposed.

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