@AGUGrizzlies: #GunControl; Free Men Do Not Need Permission To Bear Arms

On Monday Barack Hussein Obama will pretend to promise to uphold the United States Constitution at the inauguration ceremony in Washington DC. Ironically, while this breach of faith is taking place, the President and his Anti 2nd Amendment goons are plotting to tear it apart.

This type of disloyalty is expected from the progressive left. But it really hits home when alleged conservatives join in on Obama’s crusade against the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution in general. Be that as it may, there is a silver lining. Being forced to deal with subversive radicals also yields an opportunity for common sense conservatives. We are now bound to take a good hard look at the type of candidates we field and support to combat the growing Obama problem.

One example of a so-called conservative jumping on the Obama gun grabbing wagon can be found in Virginia.

Virginia Lt. Governor candidate Jeannemarie Devolites Davis is unfortunately one of those Republicans who bow to Obama by gleefully cashing in and capitulating the original planks of the GOP in return for media approval. Ms. Davis has even gone so far as becoming BFF’s with Nanny State Cover Boy Michael Bloomberg and shown her true colors on CNN with him.

But it doesn’t stop there.

During the campaign to defend her Virginia state senate seat, Ms. Davis ran to the left of her Democrat opponent Chap Petersen and attacked him for supporting the 2nd Amendment. She lost.

The 2nd Amendment is very clear. Free men do not ask for permission to bear arms. No permission is needed from Ms Davis, Michael Bloomberg, the corrupt complicit media, and absolutely no permission is needed from Barack Hussein Obama.

As we approach the 2014 midterms lets take a long deep look at each and every candidate we consider supporting and ask ourselves:

Is she or he the best candidate to uphold the United States Constitution?”

Will she or he buckle under the pressure of the LSM?”

Will she or he risk their political career? Or will they cut bait and run for cover after the first shouts of RAAACISM RAAACISM RAAACISM?”

Does she or he have the chops to cut through the filter of the LSM?”

Disarming innocent law abiding citizens, does not protect innocent law abiding citizens or children. When a bad guy with a gun commits a crime, the crime does not stop until a good guy with a gun shows up and stops it.

Guns don’t kill people. “Gun Control” kills people.

Our work continues.

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