Joseph Curl | The besmallification of the presidency

President Obama came in with big  promises. But he turned out to be a small man.

Fans  of “The Simpsons” might remember  Episode 144, in which the writers    created two wonderful neologisms. The first  was “embiggen,” such as in    the Springfield town motto — “A noble spirit  embiggens the smallest    man.” Now, “embiggen” is a perfectly “cromulent” word (neologism no.  2,   meaning “acceptable”), but it doesn’t work at all for Mr. Obama and  his   first term. In fact,  one needs a word that means exactly the  opposite  to  describe the most  partisan, petty  and divisive president  America has   ever seen.

Yet no such word exists, so we’ll have to  make one up — how about   “besmallify”? Used in a sentence: “From his  very first day in office,   Barack Obama has done nothing but besmallify   the presidency.”

He didn’t intend to, of course, or, at least,  that’s what he told us.    Remember the soaring rhetoric of the 2008  campaign, the promises of a    post-partisan presidency, an America  united through the brilliant   beneficence  of the first half-black,  half-white president? Millions   voted for him based  on those promises  alone — the rancor and ruckus that   was Washington by then  drove them  nuts as they asked the age-old   question: Can’t we all just get  along?

And  that former community organizer from Chicago promised us all he’d     take us there, the Land of Happy Harmony, if we’d just vote for him. But    once  elected, he brought Washington to a new low with his vicious    Chicago  politics, his blame-everyone-but-himself victim’s mentality,    and, really, his  own small-minded and angrily egocentric view of the    world.


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