Mr.L: Sarah Palin Shall Thrive While Old Media Dies

Guest post by Ron Devito:

In analyzing the media lies and spin following former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s departure from Fox News, Mr. L. said those who have maliciously impugned Gov. Palin and her family have had career ending crises, gotten sick, ended up in jail or even worse because of simple karma. He recited a list of those who predicted her political demise only to be found wrong. Ironically, many of those in the old media claiming Gov. Palin is irrelevant are themselves irrelevant, having tanked in the ratings. Piers Morgan for example is desperate to have Gov. Palin on her show, because of the ratings boost her presence would provide.

Mr. L said Fox News has become Liberal Media Lite, just as the Republican Party has become Democrat Lite. “I’m glad she left Fox,” he said. He referred to False Stories Spread on Gov Palin’s Departure from Fox, in which I wrote in part,

Simply put, Fox News offered Gov. Palin a renewal contract. She declined it so she can bring her message to a larger audience. By staying with Fox, her contract would have precluded her conducting interviews with other networks, except with rare prior permission. Renewing the contract would have meant more preaching to the choir – because Fox News’ audience is Gov. Palin’s choir so to speak. Those who say that Fox “dumped her,” are telling lies, plain and simple.

He also cited Mark America’s Sarah Palin Won’t Run, in which he said Gov. Palin doesn’t run. Rather, she stands against corruption and for what is right. He said aside from Palinistas who would love for her to run in 2016, the media would love it because a Palin run would bring them excitement, ratings and revenue.

Mr. L discussed the moronic ‘Sarah Palin’s fall from media stardom’ article by Howard Kurtz for its lack of logic and hypocrisy. He also discussed some idiotic comments on HotAir by people reciting shop-worn, hackneyed 2008 anti-Palin talking points and could not even spell either “governor” or the name of their purported “more qualified” politician correctly.

He concluded that Gov. Palin has a track record of proving all such people wrong.

Mr. L in his synopsis wrote:

Sarah Palin leaves Fox News and media liberals and moderate Republicans rejoice. With knee-jerk hatred they say “she’s done, dead, over.” How many times have Palin supporters heard this song? I review some distorted reports about Palin’s so called demise. Hey haters, did you hear Sloppy Joe McGinniss the lying plagiarist has terminal cancer? Yeah, karma’s a ____. If the media types want to see something truly “dead, done, over or irrelevant” they should look in a mirror. Does Palin’s decline to continue her contract with Fox News point to 2016? To Palin haters in the media and blogosphere: please keep declaring her “over, dead, done and irrelevant.” Palin has a tendency succeeding in things when people tell that she can’t or shouldn’t. She has a track record of proving those people wrong.

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