Nobody is Attacking Obama’s Children!

While Governor Palin continues to be portrayed as playing the victim-card whenever she responds to her children being attacked, the lefties from Washington are proving who the true-blue whiners are.  The White House has reacted to the latest NRA ad in super defense mode.  

When someone attacks Trig Palin because of his having Down’s Syndrome, when someone attacks Track Palin for his personal decisions as an adult when he served his country, or when they make sexist rude remarks about Bristol or Willow, Governor Palin has every right to be upset about it as any normal parent would be.  Further, it was President Obama who said that children of candidates (or politicians or public political figures) should be off limits.  

We still agree with that.  If the NRA had gone after either of President Obama’s daughters in the same personally-insulting manner the left and the media has gone after the Palin kids, you’d find many of us fighting against it.  You see, we know what it feels like. 

But the NRA ad does not attack either of the Obama children on a personal level.  Rather, it points out President Obama’s hypocrisy and showcases just one part of his track record of exempting himself from the same burdensome and nonsensical policies he wants to impose on the American people that he is supposed to be serving.  Therefore, once again, we find our commander in chief behaving like a king rather than a president. 

During the campaign of 2008, he often shot down folks making $250K or more per year by claiming they were living “high on the hog.”  It was the same time he was caught saying he wanted to “spread the wealth around.”  Since becoming President, no single family has lived more “high on the hog” than the Obamas have.  White House rooms have been redecorated, we’ve spent countless millions on various vacations to places like Hawaii and Europe, we’ve watched the president dine and schmooze with Hollywood celebrities and musicians, and we’ve heard of fancy dinners and million dollar benefits for the president.  

During the 2009-2010 battle against the force of government health care, we were first told that if we liked the health care we had, we could keep it.  Then, we learned that the health care plan being forced on 300M Americans somehow wouldn’t be forced on members of Congress or the President.  Once again, with a matter very important to all of us, our freedoms and choices have been sacrificed while the leaders elected to serve us are treated like kings and queens. 

This is why the case gets easier and easier to make.  By exploiting the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, the President has once again made the choice to cater to special interests at the expense of the American people.  Right from his proverbial throne, he’s signed 23 executive orders into law on gun control completely betraying common sense on the policies as they stand on their own and completely bypassing the process of which laws are made in this country. 

And despite denying the children of his constituents the right to have their children protected with properly trained armed guards in public schools that their taxes already pay for, President Obama’s children are in fact given that luxury. 

‘But he’s the president!’ many will shout.  That’s right.  He understands that less than reasonable people exist in this nation and regardless of what weapon they choose to use when they strike, they will get a hold of it and they will be prepared to carry out their mission.  We know that the only way to effectively stop them is to put people in these spots that are trained to take them on when they strike thus reducing the amount of damage considerably.  The problem is he seems to only accept and understand that crucial point where he and his own family are concerned. 

It’s not his children being protected that the NRA or conservatives are attacking.  Its Obama’s refusal to have the same regard for the voters he is supposed to be serving which must remain at the forefront until the people have a government serving on their side and against the special interests plaguing Washington D.C.

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