The DNC’s Star-Studded ‘Thank You’ Party Disguised as the Golden Globes

Good grief!  It seems the DNC’s annual “Thank You!” party to Hollywood (complete with an appearance by Bill Clinton) was repackaged as the Golden Globes this year.

The only liberal-friendly performance that failed to win recognition at the affair was Sandra Fluke’s mock testimony before Congress.  True, Fluke’s performance was nothing to write home about but she certainly did better than anything Lena Dunham cranked out over the last 12 months.

But as Julie Borowski pointed out, Dunham (in honor of Fluke) encouraged women to “vote like their lady parts depend on it” as if their “cute little heads aren’t informed about the economy or foreign policy.”  But since Dunham’s performance inspired more parodies, the award went to her.  Sorry, Sandra.

Next up was the gay rights portion of the really big night.  While accepting an award for her craft, Jodie Foster talked about coming out (but not really) and her need for privacy — only to finish up by pointing out a former partner by name on national TV.  Despite not making a whole lot of sense, it’s clear that part of last night’s political gratitude went to helping revive the careers of has-been actresses as reward for parroting their nonsensical rhetoric.

Personally, I’ve always found it insulting for the gay community when celebrities come out of the closet only after their careers and popularity begin to fade.  Not only is it insulting but it also leaves the door open for the left  to come back a year later to proclaim that America is still homophobic when the dried up career can be portrayed as the consequence of coming out as opposed to the actual reason they chose to come out at all.

Nonetheless, Foster wasn’t the only faded celebrity who took home a statue.  Julianne Moore was once again praised for her work in the fictional HBO flop, Game Change.   The only history-making aspect of this tragic HBO embarrasssment of course is the fact that even after Governor Palin decided to sit out the 2012 presidential election, the film and its millionaire leftwing backers went ahead as scheduled.  This of course reflects the average Democrat’s ability to spend according to priority since we now know that making an impressive profit or getting a decent amount of viewers was apparently not meant to be for the project.  While Governor Palin served as no direct political threat to Obama in 2012, the left sure spent money like she had.

Governor Palin has been relatively quiet lately.  Her recent involvement in politics begins and ends with the few victories the GOP was actually able to enjoy in November.  Of course, I am talking about the Senate wins for Palin-endorsed folks like Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer, and Jeff Flake.  Outside of those and a handful of Congressional races, Governor Palin stayed back from the embarrassing GOP debacle that unfolded in November.

But despite the lack of Governor Palin’s actual presence, last night proves that her detractors are still thinking about her and view her as a threat.  The Hollywood folks are probably a little worried that a leader like Governor Palin would have opted to spare them their tax breaks that the Obama administration approved for them before she’d think of raising taxes on the middle class as the Obama administration also did.

Since we all know Game Change has been well-debunked by Stacy Drake (along with actual members of the McCain campaign) without response from the film’s creators, we have no choice but to assume that its content is nothing more than the utter nonsense Stacy exposed it as.

But regardless of Governor Palin’s factual record of reform and qualifications which seem to contradict the film, or the convenient parachute-packing of two failed campaign staffers to explain it’s preposterous lies, Hollywood and the left were sure to manufacture yet another series of rewards for its participants.

And as this embarrassing film rides off into the sunset with Jodie Foster’s privacy and Julianne Moore’s career, Governor Palin will still be there annoying the left and inspiring Hollywood to spend a few more millions on their hysterical mission to discredit her.

What else can they do?

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