Too Late! Charles Krauthammer Finally Agrees With Governor Palin

I am thrilled that Governor Palin has left the constraints at Fox News.  She’s one of the few to offer a better solution which works on combating the machine within the Republican Party as they continue to fail us as a country.

During her service on the network, she provided clear and honest analysis.  It served as music to the ears of many within the grassroots who continue to appreciate her fearlessness.  Even though she grew as a national advocate over the last three years, sadly the network and few of its other contributors seem to be falling by the wayside a little bit.

This is just one tidbit comparison that showcases her authenticity as a contributor.

Last week with Bill O’Reilly, Charles Krauthammer discussed the loss of 2012.  While O’Reilly is continuing to obsess about changing demographics, Krauthammer finally told the truth:

“Obama did not have an opponent who presented a coherent and strong argument for let’s say the Reaganite perspective of smaller government, less taxes, less dependency.


What was the difference between 2010 and 2012?  In 2010, there was no presidential candidate at the top of the ticket – it was a purely ideological election which was largely on ObamaCare.


The candidate they chose in 2012 had passed RomneyCare which was the equivalent of ObamaCare.”

Many articles were written on this topic here (many by my colleague, Doug Brady).  The conservatives did not put forth a good candidate to take down the left.  In fact, every time another candidate would get close to Romney in the primary, many within the establishment would come out to disparage them.  The biggest example of this is what was done to Newt Gingrich back in January when every Republican in the media and establishment teamed up with the Romney campaign to completely wipe Gingrich out once he won the South Carolina primary.

People who participated in this were Marco Rubio when he selectively attacked Gingrich on a comment made on immigration about Romney.  He conveniently did it right before the election in Florida.  Other Newt bashers included Ann Coulter, John Sununu, and Tom Colburn.  Governor Palin rightfully referred to this as cannibalism within the GOP.

Further Governor Palin gave many interviews during the primary (before it was too late) where she expressed her concerns and sent out many recognizable warning flags on Mitt Romney.

Way back in August of 2011, Governor Palin with her sharp instincts noticed an issue with Mitt Romney’s inability to articulate conservative arguments when he waited until after the debt ceiling debacle of 2011 had occurred before he made a comment on it:

Then, back in February, Governor Palin was discussing the four remaining GOP primary candidates with Chris Wallace.  She remarked on Romney’s liberal past.  She called Romneycare the “precursor to ObamaCare.”  And while she was happy that he seemed willing to evolve as a candidate, she still was not convinced that he was the right candidate.

In addition to that, a few weeks earlier while talking with Justice Jeanine, she warned that Newt and Santorum would receive more media scrutiny than Romney because she believed that Democrats and Obama wanted to face Mitt Romney since it was easy to portray him as out of touch with the rest of America.

As anyone can see, Governor Palin was steps ahead of the others during the primary.  Every bit of her analysis basically turned out to eventually materialize over the course of the year.

The bullies within the establishment along with enough commentators at Fox were willing to deny principle for the sake of gratifying the Romney machine.  As such, we as a country now pay the price.

Conveniently, now they’re willing to say all of the things that we knew back then.  The difference is Governor Palin was saying all of it back when Americans still had a choice and consequently, she was shut out of her own party’s convention and the Tea Party received an establishment-commanded timeout.  Now that the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, the truth is there for all to see.

Beware of these bullies jumping on this bandwagon of self-discovery only to attempt making more decisions behind closed doors and continue telling us who the right candidates will be for the future.

Not only does this speak volumes about Governor Palin’s principles and her unwillingness to dither from them, it also showcases her instincts.

While the left’s arguments on Romney were often disingenuous, Governor Palin’s instincts knew how it’d all play out.  It’s those same instincts that proved her right all along about Obama and the GOP establishment’s failure to connect to grassroots Americans that will also prove her decision to depart from Fox News one which will truly benefit the movement of liberty for the long term.

Governor Palin is not for sale.  She was a standout among the other commentators on that network and I am continually thankful to her for doing her best to bring forth honest and thoughtful analysis which actually sought to benefit its viewers.

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