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NOTE: This post was written by AGU-PA State Coordinator Kevin Scholla and originally published on SarahNetRadio. Special thank you to AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito for preparing the html for this post. Kevin Scholla also has a new venture as a sports writer for the recently launched Breitbart Sports.

The Day Of Resistance- A Safe Place For Kids And All Those Big Scary Guns

By Kevin Scholla

They called it the Day Of Resistance. It was billed as a chance for the American people to stand together in defiance to protect the right that protects all of our rights, the Second Amendment. That is exactly what it turned out to be. A clear message to Washington that We the People will not tolerate unconstitutional actions by the President. But, while it was a special day, it was also just another American Saturday for me and my family. That’s precisely what makes us an exceptional nation. It’s ordinary to demonstrate and fight for liberty in an extraordinary way.


Rallies were held across the country. I had friends involved in Tennessee, New York, and elsewhere. I attended the Day of Resistance Rally in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania organized by Citizens for Liberty. Along with me, I brought my two year old son and my four year old daughter. That’s right Piers Morgan, I brought little children near responsible gun owners. And guess what? Many of the hundreds that attended the rally (despite a steady rain most of the day) had their big, bad firearms with them! You know who got hurt? NOT A SOUL. There were no criminals there. There were no maniacs. Just law abiding, freedom loving Americans, who unlike Andrew Cuomo, realize that our precious Second Amendment isn’t about hunting.

At the rally we heard from speakers including conservative State Representative Daryl Metcalfe. We listened to patriotic music. We met wonderful people who along with their impressive guns, also brought along their kids and dogs. We even met a man in a skeleton mask who held a sign that listed the Signs of Tyranny. The wonderfully terrifying mask was appropriate to get his point across. Although he was a Vikings fan, this Bears backer was happy to meet him.


My son, who is a truck enthusiast was happy to see the military vehicle parked at the event, emblazoned with the word ‘Liberty’. My daughter, already a junior Palinista pointed with beaming pride at every American flag she spotted. In between splashing in puddles, petting dogs, and chasing her brother, you could see, even in a nursery schooler, someone who is immensely proud to call this land our land. Her land.

The rest of my day was classically American too. I wished my Jewish friends a Happy Purim, attended a surprise party for our church’s pastor, checked the sports scores, and later went to work to continue to earn a living for those little patriots that had such a blast at a very wet gun rally on another ordinary, extraordinary Saturday. Diverse. Free. America.


It’s important to bring children to great American gatherings like these, not just because they have fun waving their American Grizzlies United signs or helping dad pass out his SarahNET Radio cards, but because no matter how old they are it’s never too early to start teaching the vital lesson that freedom is not free. Our founders had to fight for this Republic and now, all these years later we must do the same, especially when our fundamental rights are under attack.

One speaker at Saturday’s rally hammered home the point that we do not get our rights from Harrisburg or Washington but from God, our creator. We must not forget this. The Day Of Resistance must not be a one shot deal, but rather a springboard to continue to stand up for my children and yours.


Saturday February 23, 2013 will go down as a success for liberty. Those looking to strip our freedom know we are here and they know we are on to them, even if the media won’t make it seem that way. I look forward to another day like this, so my kids can once again see what we are really all about. No one was hurt. Nothing went wrong. No guns magically sprouted a pair of legs and began to shoot. It was just another ordinary, extraordinary day in this exceptional nation.

Our work continues…

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