John Hayward: The Very Inconvenient Chris Dorner – Update: John Nolte Holds the Media Accountable

John Hayward (otherwise known as, Doctor Zero) published an outstanding piece over at Human Events today, after news broke about the ex-LAPD officer accused of killing three people and currently still on the run from authorities. He wrote:

I’m going to begin with a firm statement that law-abiding people are not accountable for the actions of deranged lunatics who happen to listen to them, or praise their work.  To believe otherwise is to render free speech problematic, for who knows what strong words might be seized upon by a maniac?

But the Left very much does believe in holding decent people accountable for the actions of madmen… even if the madmen in question didn’t actually listen to what the decent people said.  If you need a reminder of what I’m talking about, click here.  I remain, to this day, astonished that any respectable publication would print a single word written by Paul Krugman.

The link under “click here” is to another article Hayward had written in response to Paul Krugman’s post blaming Governor Palin for the tragedy in Tucson.

He goes on:

Now we’ve got lunatic cop killer Chris Dorner, with three murders in Los Angeles under his belt, including one police officer, plus a female college basketball coach and her fiance.  Two other cops were ambushed by Dorner in their patrol car; one of them is seriously wounded.  Nervous police officers accidentally fired on at least three civilians in the wake of these attacks.

At the time of this writing, the killer is still at large, heavily armed, and incredibly dangerous.  Dorner used to be an employee of the LAPD, but he was fired in 2009 for making false statements.  The father of the basketball coach he murdered was his lawyer.  ”I never had the opportunity to have a family of my own, so I am terminating yours,” Dorner said on his Facebook page.  He said that he wanted to kill cops, and was not afraid to die himself.

Dorner is also very interested in politics… and according to blogger Sooper Mexican, who says he has been following the story very closely, the media is actively suppressing Dorner’s political leanings, including heavy redaction of his crazed manifesto.  About half of the manifesto has been delicately excised from press reports… the parts where he praises gun control, Senator Dianne Feinstein, MSNBC, CNN (especially gun control sensationalist Piers Morgan), Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama.  On the other hand, he really hates the NRA, particularly Wayne LaPierre (who he incorrectly identifies as the organization’s “president” – that would be David Keene at the moment) and George Zimmerman.


He’s got a long list of thumbs-up and thumbs-downs.  As anyone who tried to wade through the manifesto of Norwegian monster Anders Breivik can attest, violently insane people can be very wordy, as they tend to regard all of their opinions as highly significant.  Follow the above link to Sooper Mexican’s place if you want to read the whole twisted thing (minus the parts the police very reasonably asked to redact, in the interests of public safety and law enforcement.)  Warning: there is some profanity in Dorner’s writings.

Nobody Dorner says he likes or agrees with is in any way responsible for his actions.  But quite a few of them have long, shameful histories of unjustly blaming their political opponents for the actions of other maniacs.

Yes they do.

You can read Hayward’s entire article here.

Update: Over at Breitbart, John Nolte is holding the media accountable on this. He’s posted several articles today including:

CNN Stars Admired by L.A. Murder Suspect Falsely Linked Palin to Tucson Killings

NBC Stars Admired By Alleged L.A. Killer Falsely Linked Palin to Tucson Killings


Piers Morgan: L.A. Murder Spree Has ‘Nothing To Do With Politics’

If you will recall, back in November of 2011, Piers Morgan feigned outage that Governor Palin hadn’t ‘apologized’ to Gabby Giffords for being a victim of a shooting the Governor had nothing to do with.

So how about it, Piers? Are you going to call the families of Chris Dorner’s victims to offer an apology? Or are you going to call Governor Palin and rightly apologize to her for insinuating (with a sympathetic guest no less) to your audience that Governor Palin had anything to do with the actions of that madman in Tucson?

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