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Buzzfeed Politics had this posted two weeks ago, and I laughed out loud when I scrolled through it. Give the blind squirrels a slow clap for the nut they found.  Some may roll their eyes at Buzzfeed’s use of gifs and internet memes, but they’re a very effective way of carrying a message to an audience who probably spends all of 30 seconds of their week thinking about politics. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has taken notes on just how effective BuzzFeed was during the 2012 election cycle and how it continues to be a savvy force on the internet:

There is nothing like Upworthy or BuzzFeed on the right.  The closest we have come is Twitchy, Michelle Malkin’s brilliant website. Are you surprised that Obama won the youth vote even though his policies are a complete disaster for the young? We are losing the fight to the lowest of low information voters, who are pushed toward a liberal agenda by very smart and talented people who understand the power of social media in a way we don’t.

Whitney Pitcher echoed those sentiments in a very spot on post over at a sister site, Palin4America:

We may mock Buzzfeed for having posts featuring 10 cats who look like Lady Gaga or the top 20 quotes from Full House, but low information voters eat that stuff up. It’s a part of culture now. This is why sites like Twitchy and Breitbart (especially Big Hollywood) are important because they push back against the cultural narratives, but they also engage the culture. There is a great opportunity for us to do even more though, as the Legal Insurrection post suggests, but we first have to fully realize that it is important. This doesn’t mean we abandon our principles.

Indeed. We don’t need to stop sharing editorials from the likes of Thomas Sowell or get lazy in articulating our positions, but we shouldn’t limit the arrows in our quiver either. There is a place for humor and as Ronald Reagan so wonderfully demonstrated during his political career, it’s a way to disarm people and invite them into the tent. Besides, who wants to hang around people who can’t crack a smile every now and then?

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