Liberals, the Beltway, and CBS Annoyed at Governor Palin’s Upcoming CPAC Speech

I guess the beltway-blather-plan of ‘re-branding the GOP’ (a.k.a. spend and act like a liberal with an “R” at the end of your name) is not as set-in-stone as Washington’s experts had all hoped it would be by now.

If you want a good laugh, head over to Twitchy.  As they say in their headline, liberals are throwing an absolute “hissy fit” over the announcement of Governor Palin’s speech at CPAC.

One tweeter complained: “so much for re-branding!”  The next one claimed it was ironic that she was a “featured speaker” yet “the GOP can’t figure out WHY numbers are declining.”

Note to self: if liberals are screaming from the rooftops that something is bad for their opposition’s party, you should definitely do more of whatever it is they are screaming about.

A similar account is provided by Stephanie Condon from CBS.  She was nice enough to report Governor Palin’s upcoming speech at CPAC.  Sadly though, she seems a little befuddled:

After former Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska, left her job as a contributor for Fox News, she said conservatives “can’t just preach to the choir.”

“I’m taking my own advice here as I free up opportunities to share more broadly the message of the beauty of freedom and the imperative of defending our republic and restoring this most exceptional nation,” she said.

In one of her next high-profile appearances, however, Palin may be addressing one of the nation’s most conservative annual events. The American Conservative Union announced today that Palin will be a featured speaker at CPAC 2013 – the 40th annual conservative political action conference – to be held March 14-16 at National Harbor, just outside of Washington, D.C.

To begin with, Condon characterizes Governor Palin’s refusal to renew her contract with Fox by saying she “left her job.”  She actually fulfilled her contract and chose not to renew it — pretty simple.

Also, Condon apparently believes that Governor Palin’s promise to go beyond the choir at Fox News was a sworn oath to never talk to conservatives again anywhere.  Now the media is ready to hold her to what they perceive as her exact words.  The trouble is Governor Palin’s words were not exclusive to conservatives.  Any “reporter” should have figured that out when the quote used by Condon was made on a conservative web site that had an exclusive interview with the Governor.

Also, it’s not just about who you preach to.  It’s also about the way you go about leading the group as a whole to connect to those independents who long for that energy and inspiration they felt during the Reagan years in a way no different than how Thatcher inspired Britain, or the way Governor Palin and the Tea Party inspired the nation by doing things their way in 2010’s midterm elections.  Without the contractual constraints of any one media outlet, Governor Palin can take her message anywhere she wants and be free to do things her way 100%.

Further, I wish reporters like Condon were this fussy with regard to Obama’s exact words.  He promised that if we liked the health care we had we could keep it.  He promised health insurance costs would go down.  He promised unemployment would never go above 8%.  He said that Bush’s deficit was “unpatriotic” before grossly multiplying it.  Yet, no quick-to-reply articles on those exact words.

So where’s this snark coming from anyway?  If liberals hate Republicans, then why do they care about Governor Palin speaking at CPAC or its accompanying affects on the party?  Could it be that perhaps they might have enjoyed all this talk about ‘re-branding the GOP’ a little too much?

Realistically, it’s because of such nonsense that conservatives were thrilled today when the news of Governor Palin’s upcoming speech broke (plus, David Frum is wearing egg on his face today).

Americans know who electrifies and inspires millions upon millions of grassroots-Americans to become part of the solution in fighting for our liberties, our constitution, and ridding D.C. of crony capitalists along with their “expert” friends in the beltway.

The sweetest irony is revealed when attempts to minimize the truth only wind up confirming it.

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