Mr.L: Sarah Palin Dismantles Obama SOTU on Twitter #SOTUGottaBeKidding

Mr. L described former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s compendium of Tweets during and in response to Obama’s State of the Union address as being “the proper response,” as well as her Facebook Note today summarizing the Tweets. He also said Palin endorsee Ted Cruz is coming under attack by GOP establishment RINOs and added that Cruz should stand strong and not cave into their pressure. He said Gov. Palin “needs to step up to the plate in four years” and run for President “or our country is deep trouble.” Mr. L said he no longer likes Marco Rubio, because Rubio has been corrupted. He sharply criticized Rubio for wiping his mouth and taking water scarcely 15 minutes into a run-of-the-mill response. Gov. Palin by contrast was thrust upon the world stage before 70 million people with little preparation, having just had a baby, and with a teleprompter that broke down mid-speech. “If she was nervous, I didn’t even notice it,” Mr. L said. “Everything was riding on her, and she delivered with no sweat, no pressure….she didn’t have to take a drink of water.”

“You know what disgusts me about this party – this Republican party that if you consider yourself conservative you still belong to? She hit this speech out of the park, re-energized the conservative base, and she re-energized people last night. I mean how many people were depressed to have to go through this and listen to this crap over and over again?”

He cited someone who said “this woman is trouble,” in reference to Gov. Palin how the GOPe sees her exactly that way. Just as Reaganites had to fight the George H.W. Bush establishment, Palinistas have to fight the Rove establishment. Leaked emails show that Rove in fact declared war on conservatives. “You need to choose what side you’re on,” Mr. L said.

He spoke about RINOs who voted for Obama in 2008 because they “couldn’t live with Sarah Palin.” He continued, “you mean 30 months of these economic ‘joys’ was preferable to her?” Though Rove lied about being involved in the Texas US Senate primary, he and his cronies actually financed and supported Sen. Cruz’s opponent David Dewhurst. Gov. Palin endorsed, financially supported, and stumped for Sen. Cruz, and Mr. L said the GOP establishment hates her for it. “She encroached on their turf.” Mr. L said the GOP establishment probably hates Gov. Palin more than the left does. “It’s a war people. You better get in the fight…and know whose side you’re on,” he concluded.

Mr. L wrote in his synopsis:

Sarah Palin explodes on Twitter during SOTU and responds to Obama’s speech. #SOTU becomes #SOTUGottaBeKidding! Palin’s response on Twitter and Facebook to Obama’s recycled claims and promises was just what I was looking for last night. Instead, we got Marco Rubio. Jeffery Lord dismantles Karl Rove and the establishment republicans in his latest article. It’s clear that Rove and his GOPe cronies have declared war on grass roots conservatives. As of February, 13, 2013, it’s Palin conservatives vs. Rove republicans. It’s a war people. So you better figure out what side you’re on now.

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