Nolan Finley | The buck stops with Obama

Last week, the president again played Henny Penny, warning Americans that the  sky will fall if Republicans don’t derail the automatic spending cuts Obama  himself demanded to break an earlier stand-off. If the cuts kick in, the  president claims, the poor will go hungry, thousands will be thrown out of work,  the country will be left more vulnerable to attack.

Those are the pronouncements of a campaigner, not a leader. A leader would  have reassured the American people the economy won’t collapse if Washington is  forced to cut a meager 3 percent from discretionary spending, and empathized  that for most households, such belt-tightening is routine. A corporate CEO would  be laughed onto the street if he made the claim Obama did that in a $3.6  trillion budget, he can’t find $85 billion in savings. Squeezing budgets is a  basic job skill in private sector C-suites.

Instead of threatening to fire first responders and defense workers, a leader  would have offered, say, to chop the $24 billion in ineffective green  energy subsidies. Or he might have set aside the $50 billion in new spending  contained in his State of the Union address.


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