The Heaths Talk With Kevin Scholla

SarahNET has a great show this week.  Kevin runs down the week in Palin news and touches on the talk of a third party when he talks with Gov. Palin’s father and brother.

Chuck Heath Sr. and Chuck Heath Jr. return to The Palin Radio Update with Kevin Scholla! Sarah Palin’s dad and brother are here to look back at their book tour adventures and look ahead at what may be next for the Palins and Heaths. The two Chucks also discuss the attack on our Second Amendment rights, the possibility of a new national third political party, rubbing elbows with Tony Blair, and they tell Kevin what Sarah Palin thinks of their new found stardom.  Also, a busy week of Palin news. Todd and Sarah Palin attend Chris Kyle’s memorial service, a major lame-stream newspaper falls for a satirical Palin story, and Governor Palin live tweets during the State of the Union. Plus, Sarah Palin promotes a Neal Boortz article, gears up for Iron Dog, and shares some great family pictures and Valentine’s Day wishes. Steel Resolve, our weekly commentary with Sarah Steelman is also featured. Steelman wonders how much has really changed since 1795. Tune in! SarahNET Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime!


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