Why the Establishment Media Are as Bad as the Politicians, Update: One Final Thought

Over at Bloomberg News in a section called “The Ticker,” Margaret Carlson and Ramesh Ponnuru combine the usual media task of marginalizing Governor Palin with their analysis of someone she has absolutely nothing to do with: Jesse Jackson, Jr.

At the top of the piece, it states:

This week Margaret Carlson and Ramesh Ponnuru are talking about forgiveness and redemption in the Republican Party — and in the Democratic Party, too, as it turns out.

First of all, let’s make something clear.  Governor Palin (or her supporters) have done nothing wrong to Republicans and therefore, we seek no forgiveness.  In fact, many of the ones with weakening spines among those in Congress today should be the ones seeking forgiveness from the people they’ll have to answer to next year.

Second, the only thing Governor Palin’s guilty of is galvanizing the grassroots.  She helped the Tea Party score a win of historic proportion when she campaigned with them in 2010.  The problem for the establishment, however, is that it refuses to live up to the values held by the Tea Party.  That is why the Tea Party has become an inconvenient problem for them and why a war remains on the right.

Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson, Jr. recently pleads guilty to stealing $750K from his party to accentuate his lifestyle.  He doesn’t only need to seek forgiveness from the party, he also betrayed the people.  Kind of a big difference there.

Ramesh goes on to say:

Palin has decided she wants to be grouped with the Sean Hannitys and Ann Coulters of the world, not with the John Kasichs and Marco Rubios, and I am not going to second-guess her about the best use of her talents. The dilemma she now faces is that interest in her as a media figure has been dependent on the possibility that she has a political future. Her endorsements have been pretty savvy as a matter of picking primary winners, but I suspect that their effectiveness has peaked.

Two points:

First, how many conservatives did Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity officially endorse in 2010 (and 2012)?  Where were they on the campaign trail?  This isn’t a matter of whether or not Governor Palin is a Fox News analyst or a Governor or even a candidate for President.  What matters is that unlike many, she doesn’t allow any title to take her out of the grassroots.  No matter what she does in life, she stays true to the people in the crowd.  She knows that it is they who desire real change and on their behalf, she’s been able to take that desire to various platforms.  I thank her for that.  The problem with the lamestream media is they can never predict what she’s going to do.  That is why they do their darndest to prescribe a bleak future.

Second, wasn’t John Kasich a Fox News host before becoming Governor?  By that very measure, why couldn’t Hannity enter politics?

Ramesh continues:

I can’t find it in my heart to be too tough on Jackson. It can’t be easy growing up with a charismatic, famous political father: So many children of politicians seem to be screwed up in some way. More important, a lot of Jackson’s misconduct seems clearly connected to his bipolar disorder.

But that’s exactly the problem.  We have the Bushes and the Kennedys and the Clintons, and now – the Jacksons.  Far too often, we turn to political families assuming that the maturing members of their nests are supposed to be next.  Far too much of this type of thinking is what has us in the mess we are in today.  Then we have members of the establishment media like those at Bloomberg News who don’t want “to be too tough” on them when they betray the people.

Governor Palin doesn’t come from a political family and neither did Reagan.  Our best public servants seem to segue into public service as a byproduct of their passion.  The worst members either come from already-established political families or they make friends with the worst people to get them there — like Obama with Bill Ayers.

But let’s compare Jackson’s struggle as a child of a political parent with that of any one of the Palin children and their accompanying treatment by the media.  Last I checked, Track Palin is protecting his country and Bristol Palin is being a good mom.  Those facts barely correlate with how the media and the left have treated them.  Both have had the pressures of the media that obsess about their rock-star mom, and yet they’ve managed not to embezzle $750K from anyone.

Margaret Carlson concludes:

My surprise at her [Governor Palin] re-emergence has faded to boredom, which is how most people feel, according to polls. She has gone from It girl to an ex-Fox reality star. Fox doesn’t fire people who can still get ratings.

You ever notice how critics of the relevant are always the ones who have the egos big enough to think they can steer those that they criticize?  First, Fox never FIRED Governor Palin.  She was offered a contract renewal and she declined.  Where’s Carlson’s offer from Fox by the way?  Also, as Stacy pointed out, Governor Palin had not appeared on Fox at all in the month of January  when the channel’s ratings began to plummet.  Second, notice how Carlson attempts to tell the reader how they feel and generalizes by saying her statement is “according to polls” when she doesn’t cite one.

Classic case of Palin Derangement Syndrome coupled with self-inflated opinions.  Governor Palin has “faded to boredom” yet Carlson and Ramesh find her relevant enough to place her in a headline with a felon.

It’s humor at its best.  The sad thing is, idiots like these want to be taken seriously.  The problem is they always wind up proving the perils of establishment politics and end up describing why it is that establishment politicians will never be what’s right for the people.


I’d hate to have to count how many times Governor Palin has been referred to as a “Grifter” by her haters.  But let’s ponder for a moment that the Jackson family keep pushing this “bipolar” meme as an excuse for Jackson’s behavior.  I live in the 2nd District of Illinois (Jackson’s district) and I promise you, he never ran on the premise of being bipolar.  In fact, he ran on being a champion of the people — on the same values Barack Obama claims to hold near and dear to his heart.  It amazes me how many times companies have been bullied by Jackson’s father into donating to Rainbow Push whenever he threatened to raise a stink.  I am amazed at how the modern-day Jackson family, despite their countless moral short-comings and endless dealings with Chicago-style politics, constantly have the power they have to intimidate by playing the phony race card against anyone who opposes liberal policies.  They’ve been grifters of this cause for many years and are treated like royalty.

It amazes me how the media is ready to feel sorry for Jackson, Jr. after he betrayed the people.  He embezzled $750K, he had a comfortable government position for many terms and didn’t even bother to show up to Congressional meetings to represent his constituents.  He had extra marital affairs and shamed his public office.  In fact, in being a liberal holding a public office title, he actually lives out the worst things said about Governor Palin and the countless untrue rumors spread about her and her private life.

When Jackson sits around for years and hurts the nation, he is felt sorry for and Governor Palin is ridiculed to this day for resigning her office to avoid a lynch mob of extremists who abused the Alaska Ethics Act and hit her with an endless amount of frivolous charges of which she was cleared of every one of them.

Folks, we don’t have to put up with this.  I encourage all of you to hit these articles and smack down their ilk with the truth.  Don’t give up…..when the smoke clears, the truth is always there to serve as an inconvenience to establishment poison along with their apologists in the media.

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