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It has certainly been an eventful few days.  On Saturday, of course, we had Governor Palin’s epic speech at CPAC, which some of us Palin supporters were fortunate enough to see in person.  If anyone thought that because she has been laying low for the past several months that her star has now dimmed, they now have a whole bunch of egg on their face.  But, what do you expect from a bunch of clowns that live in a bubble?  The other big news was today’s GOP autopsy report labeled Growth and Opportunity Project.  I have to confess that I haven’t tortured myself to read every word of the report yet, but I have leafed through it and read some of the highlights.  I’m not sure I have much faith in a report authored by some of the very same people who are responsible for the mess the GOP is currently in, but time will tell.  Nevertheless, there has been plenty of chatter on the internets about the merits of the report.  Some see it as a step in the right direction, while others see it a a big pile of dog poop.

There was one reaction that caught my attention more than anything.  Here is what Jay Cost of The Weekly Standard tweeted out today:


Let’s see- who has been doing this since she began her career at a local City Councilwoman back in 1992?  Yeah, I thought so.  We all know Governor Palin’s record on this front.  This has been her message now for more than two decades.   It started with her fighting crony capitalism on the Wasilla city council, most notably when she opposed mandated garbage pickup that would have benefited a member of the council.  This fight continued as a Mayor, oil and gas regulator, and Governor, where she helped expose the unholy and corrupt partnership between big oil and big government.  She kept this fight going after she left office, with one of the highlights being her groundbreaking speech in Indianola, IA on 9/3/11.  Gee, if only the GOP could have adopted this message for the past four years.  But Governor Palin is the idiot, right?

The other half of the message Cost was talking about is standing for the little guy.  Clearly he is not talking about the phoniness of the left when they say the support the little guy.  We all know the left has pure contempt for the little guy.  Their way of standing up for him is to diminish private sector opportunity, make them more dependent on government programs, and then scare the bejesus out of them in order to get their votes.  They only like the little guy to the extent to which the little guy will vote for them.  Now, when Governor Palin and others like her talk about standing for the little guy, they mean putting an end to crony capitalism so everyone has a chance to succeed in the private sector, not just those with friends in high places.  In short, it’s about being pro free market, and not necessarily pro business.  Sometimes those two are mutually exclusive.

It is kind of ironic that Jay Cost’s proposed solution to the ills of the GOP is something Governor Palin has been advocating for years.  She does have a knack for being ahead of the curve on many things, doesn’t she?  So, the big question is will the poobahs in the GOP bring her into the fold and try to adopt her message, which is clearly a winning one?  This is the GOP, so probably not.  I’d say there is a greater chance of me voluntarily attending a Nickelback concert than the GOPe embracing Governor Palin and willingly giving her a seat at the table.  This is yet another example of how the GOP is in need of a hostile takeover by us if they have any hope of winning national elections in the future.

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