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NOTE: This post was written by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and was originally published on US4Palin.


Palinistas are well aware by now that Karl Rove – who quit his job as White House Deputy Chief of Staff – made snide remarks about Gov. Palin’s resignation in July 2009. His remarks followed Gov. Palin’s, “we don’t need architects” line in her CPAC 2013 speech. Palinistas such as Michelle McCormick, Mr. L, Adrienne Ross, and others rose to Gov. Palin’s defense.

Two conservative publications have joined rank with us and one – ConservativeHQ – has launched a petition telling Rove to stop disrespecting Gov. Palin. In, Why Sarah Palin Is Right And Karl Rove Is Wrong, the site’s staff said the establishment loves fights within the Republican Party in which conservatives are attacked, but the media coverage actually proves Gov. Palin’s point.

“Rove’s beef with Sarah Palin goes back to the height of the 2008 presidential campaign and it is really nothing more than elitism and economic self-interest in their rawest form,” they wrote. “It seemed clear to many observers that what Rove was really saying was not that Sarah Palin lacked any specific experience, skills or knowledge that he thought a President needed to have, but that he just plain didn’t like what she was all about.”

The authors said Rove probably does not appreciate Gov. Palin’s state university degree, her love of family and small towns and Christianity. In other words, she is not “sophisticated” enough. They said Rove and the big government Republicans don’t like the throngs of Palinistas who “agree with her criticism of Washington’s bloated political establishment and the cronyism upon which it thrives.”

If all those people from the heartland, who support Sarah Palin (and who provide the manpower to make the phone calls, work the precincts and cast the votes necessary to elect Republicans) ever figured out they were the victims of a big insider joke — and that guys like Rove get paid millions whether Republicans win or lose — then there would be a rebellion of monumental proportions that would end Karl Rove’s multimillion dollar gravy train (emphasis mine).

What’s more, it would end government by the interchangeable urban elites (like Rove) who run Washington as a principle-free zone where it doesn’t really matter which Party is in power, as long as your lobbying shop or law firm or consulting firm keeps its Rolodex fresh and the revolving door spinning with enough dollars.

Be sure to sign the petition telling Rove to stop disrespecting Gov. Palin.

In Palin’s Defiance, Douglas Gibbs – a long-time Palinista who predicted that John McCain would pick her as running mate – recounted the politics of personal destruction and character assassination that have been waged on Gov. Palin in the past four – going on five years. “Then, the politics of personal destruction, used in the same way that Kennedy launched against Robert Bork decades before, was catapulted at Palin. Lie after lie, and attack after attack, was fired in Palin’s direction. The accusations of being a book burner, a secessionist, or unable to put together two thoughts in a reasonable manner, were all a bunch of crap, but each of the attacks hit their mark,” Gibbs wrote.

Gibbs yesterday got a phone call from … one of those men [who] helped her reach the level of McCain’s running mate … asking to remove his name from any articles I wrote about Palin, because he is trying to get a job and he believes being so closely associated with Palin back then can hurt his chances for new employment.” Gibbs honored the request, but told the caller “my principles are stronger than that, and I am not going to abandon mine as easily as he was willing to abandon his.”

Now, Sarah Palin is a joke to democrats, and a pariah to republicans. The true conservatives, however, still hold her in high esteem. We still recognize her as a force to be reckoned with (emphasis mine). Though she has stepped out of the political limelight as a candidate, and her time at Fox News has ended, she continues to be involved, acting in defiance of all of the attacks, and in defiance of the ill aura cast upon her by the liberal left.

Gibbs chronicled Gov. Palin’s CPAC speech: “hitting the Obama administration in ways conservatives had only hoped for,” especially on gun control and no budget passed in over four years. “With Big Gulp in hand,” she targeted ridiculous liberal policies running roughshod, “calling upon the Constitution, hammering on the intrusive federal government, accusing the mainstream media, and revealing the dangers presented by the GOP Beltway consultants as they continue to work to move the Republican Party to the left.” Gov. Palin slammed the permanent political class – the ruling class, he wrote.

Our work continues.

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