Big Brother Chuck Pens Open Letter to Governor Palin

Most often, the people closest to us know us best–which can be either a good or a bad thing. When we have spent an abundance of time with someone, and he or she still respects us, that’s saying something. And when we still have the respect of those who have spent an entire lifetime with us, now that’s a testament to our character. One thing I have noticed about Governor Palin’s brother Chuck is the high regard he has for his sister. Today, he penned the following “open letter” to her at Chuck Heath Jr., his website:

I’m proud of what Sarah has accomplished and what she’s continuing to try to do for this country. I don’t know anyone who has her courage and drive. She’s never been afraid to step out and say the things that millions of patriotic Americans think but are afraid to voice publicly. She has endured more than most people could ever imagine: from vicious verbal attacks on her children, to real threats on her own life… all because she’s felt compelled to speak out in an effort to get this country back on the right path.

Thanks for all you do Sarah.


Chuck, Jr. feels the same way about Governor Palin that we do. She has put everything on the line because she loves our country. She has boldly called out both sides of the aisle because she loves our country. And patriots everywhere respect and love her…because she loves our country.

Thank you, Chuck. Your words only confirm what we already know, but we sure do appreciate hearing them from someone who knows her best.

If you haven’t read Our Sarah, written by Chuck, Jr. and Chuck, Sr., consider going here to purchase yours.

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