Charles Hurt | We’re from the government and we’re here to learn all about you

Like all Orwellian schemes, this diabolical obsession comes with a harmless-sounding name — American Community Survey — as if it is nothing more than the local Girl Scout troop stopping by to offer you little boxes of sweet, crunchy goodness — all for a good cause!

The feds want to know exactly who you are and the color of your skin.

“Race is key to implementing any number of federal laws and is a critical factor in the basic research behind numerous policies,” the Census Bureau explains, without a hint of irony. “Race data are required by federal programs promoting equal employment opportunity and are needed to assess racial disparities.”

Yes, Martin Luther King Jr. is scratching his head on that one.

And they want to know your “relationships” with all the people in your house. And they want to know of any “disabilities” and — ominously — what time you leave for and return from work everyday.

These creepos even want to know how many bedrooms you have and all about your plumbing and even your “fertility.” Related to the “virginity test” now popular in Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood, the federal fertility probe is crucial, they tell us, as “a basic planning tool for agencies of the government.” What?


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