Dan Calabrese: Karl Rove’s Tired Cheap Shot at Sarah Palin

Today, Dan Calabrese published an article at Cain TV in which he takes Karl Rove to task for his “tired cheap shot at Sarah Palin.” He points out what every honest, aware person must acknowledge. I said every honest, aware person–because there’s no hope for people, like Karl Rove, who have no interest in what should already be obvious: the reason the Governor stepped aside in 2009 and why that was the right thing to do. Calabrese lays it out there again.

I readily admit I do not agree with every aspect of the article, but 100% agreement isn’t necessary. Concerning Governor Palin’s resignation, he gets it–and he gives it to Rove.

Dan Calabrese writes:

Sigh. More unpleasant words are being exchanged between Sarah Palin and Karl Rove – a battle that creates headlines for a gleeful MSM and does little to advance the cause of anyone who might be in a position to solve this nation’s problems.

And yes, Palin did sort of start it by taking a shot at Rove, and at consultants in general, in her CPAC speech.

Actually, the Governor didn’t start it. Rove has in times past dissed the Governor, including the time he used her as an example to relegate endorsements to minus snot. Furthermore, his “I know better than you who can be elected” attitude has rubbed tea party conservatives the wrong way, and he deserved to be called out. His track record picking winnable candidates is horrible, so remind us why anyone should hire him to be “architect” of anything or why he’s qualified to criticize anyone. No, he started it; Governor Palin just finally dealt with it.

Calabrese continues:

After Palin accepted John McCain’s offer to run for vice president, and became the left’s Most Hated Person In The World, she returned to Alaska to find a never-ending assault of frivolous ethics complaints, all of which required her to pay her defense out of her own pocket because of Alaska law governing such matters. It wasn’t bad enough that the news media treated every one of these complaints as if it was legitimate. It was also costing her a fortune and paralyzing her ability to govern the state.

When Palin decided to resign and turn the governorship over to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell, she did the right thing for the State of Alaska.


The whole “quitter” meme comes from people who care about nothing but attacking Palin’s future political viability, which is funny because in spite of the obsession of pundits who have been sure from Day 1 that she was positioning herself to run for president, Palin herself has never done anything to affirm that belief. She seems quite happy just being Sarah Palin, exercising her voice and taking opportunities as they come.

It’s fine with me if Karl Rove doesn’t regard Sarah Palin as the kind of politician he wants to support, although I don’t see why it matters because she’s not running for anything. But I get really sick of people taking this particular cheap shot at her because her resignation was actually a rare instance of a politician sacrificing her position for the best interests of everyone involved. Palin was a good governor, although she didn’t hold the office for long, and she could have accomplished a lot more. But when faced with an environment that made it virtually impossible for her to do so, she did not choose to “fight” for the sake of herself or her political career, as so many politicians would. She stepped aside…

Dan recognizes the point that so many miss: Governor Palin is not the typical politician who will do whatever it takes just to remain in power. She’s more interested in doing the right thing, which causes establishment power-grabbing types to shake their heads. He also understands that Governor Palin did a good job while in office. I agree with his assertion that she could have accomplished much more, and by that I mean her record demonstrates what she’s capable of doing. The more she has her hands in something, the more good fruit it yields. I must add that she accomplished more in her time as governor than some two-term governors. Access a list of those gubernatorial accomplishments here.

Calabrese ends his article by again highlighting Governor Palin’s character. Although she is currently not running for office, a fact he seems to lament because we need more people like her–people of integrity–in politics:

I am sure there are many cynics who will scoff at my insistence that Palin’s actions and motives were honorable, but all I can tell you is that the result has been positive for everyone. The only problem is that it’s given her determined critics a talking point. Fortunately, Palin doesn’t seem too worried about it. She is quite capable of doing what’s right for the sake of what’s right and not worrying about what people say.

Which kind of makes it a shame she’s not running for anything. We don’t find many people in politics like that.

Read the full article here.

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