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On an ABC News show this past Sunday, Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot asserted that Chris Christie should have been invited to speak at CPAC and that it was a mistake to have snubbed him “after he pushed Congress for Hurricane Sandy relief funds and backed some gun-control legislation following last year’s mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.”

“If I were CPAC, I would have invited Christie and let him say what he wanted on guns or anything else,” Gigot insisted. “And if you disagree with him, boo him or what have you. But this is a time that the Republican Party needs to have a debate, and a pretty raucous debate.”

I suppose I could take the time to suggest that CPAC is not the place to have that “raucous debate” on what kind of liberal policies the GOP should and should not embrace but rather should be used to unite and focus conservatives on the core principles and policies that will get out out of the mess we’re in and to prepare for the upcoming battles in 2014 and 2016; but I’d rather focus on one of the other panel members: former Bush aide Matthew Dowd.  (We’ve covered this individual before.  See Doug Brady’s piece: “GOP Establishment Clown “Blames” Governor Palin for Pointing Out the Obvious“.)

Yes, Dowd too was troubled that Christie was shunned; but he didn’t stop there, choosing to use his airtime to castigate CPAC because *gasp* Sarah Palin was invited:

“CPAC, to me, has totally diminished its credibility as an organization,” Dowd agreed [with Gigot]. “And you invite Sarah Palin, who wasn’t competent enough to keep a Fox News contract? But she’s invited to CPAC meeting?”

I know facts are so difficult for these insider-types so I’ll help Mr. Dowd out by doing the research for him.  Here you go, Matt.

The top 5 results from that quick LMGTFY search?

Report: Palin Chooses Not to Renew Fox News Contract

Governor Palin Chooses Not to Renew Fox Contract

Report: Palin Chooses Not to Renew Fox News Contract

BREAKING: Governor Palin Not Renewing Contract with FOX News

Report: Palin Chooses Not to Renew Fox News Contract

Wow, that was tough!  No wonder these folks have such a hard time fact checking themselves before they open their yaps!

So let me get this straight.  It’s a travesty that the guy who helped push a pork-laden Sandy relief bill, has banned offshore drilling and supported a moratorium on fracking, embraces gun control and Obamacare…not to mention Obama himself for that matter…was snubbed for the Conservative Political Action Conference and it “diminishes” CPAC to invite a dynamic, energizing Tea Party Constitutional Conservative with a strong record of fighting corruption and the gross expansion of government into every facet of our lives and has a long record of serving the people, taking on special interests and supporting energy independence, patient rights, 2nd amendment issues and using the people’s money responsibly.

Yeah, that makes total sense.

I guess this means that he too feels that Governor Palin is a “black mark” on the GOP brand.

The Republican Party does have its problems, but having Governor Palin amongst its ranks is not one of them.  One of the biggest problems I can see is that there are simply too many Matthew Dowd’s in the GOP.  Too many Rove’s.  Too many Schmidt’s and Wallace’s.  (Kind of funny they’re all Bushies, no?)

The battle for the heart and soul of Conservatism is going on right now and all too many on our side of the argument are still trapped in the “what might have beens” regarding the 2012 election cycle to notice the forest for the trees.  Too many people, both here on C4P and elsewhere, are too busy re-litigating what we wish had happened and what did happen in November to recognize what actually is happening now:  The war between the establishment and the grassroots…the fight that never stopped.

Thankfully there are others who are paying attention and who are noticing not only the fight, but also the fighters.  Enter Bernie Quigley:

There is a division today in what is called conservatism, although it should be called something else. It has been forming for several years and will come to clarity and decision in CPAC 2013. The new directions — states’ rights, sound money and constitutional government — of what might be called the gnarly conservatives will come to clash with traditional or what might be called “nice” conservatives (“the establishment”). The nice: Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Dr. Ben Carson. The gnarly: Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent.

Cruz and Palin are enormously popular outside the Beltway, especially to those in the Heartland. They have been torn apart by Hollywood and the liberal press and the Beltway pundits, while the conservative establishment gleefully sits to the side hoping they will be destroyed, like St. Paul, holding the coats.

But a door has opened and it will not be closed. The traditionalists, same as Cruz and Palin, will be judged by their work.

I have a small quibble with the above excerpt.  I do not believe it is the “conservative” establishment.  I believe that phrase is in fact an oxymoron.  If you are establishment-minded, you are by default interested in preserving or growing your power and influence and have lost sight of grassroots principles such as limited government, personal freedom and rejecting cronyism.  The establishment isn’t really interested in stopping the wasteful spending; they just want to make sure they get a piece of the pie.

As for the rest of it, I couldn’t have said it better myself.  We do have a divide and it’s growing into a massive chasm.  There are many who parade around and campaign as though they’re in line with “we the people” and the principles of our founding but then revert to form when they actually get into office.

Quigley references the Bible in his piece: “I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot.” Revelation 3:15.  It is an apropos reference.  We need to look at the works of those who ask to serve.  Look at their record.  Look at what they have done in and out of office and see if it matches the rhetoric they spout.  In Governor Palin’s case, she has proven herself to be honorable, a woman of character and integrity who, when placed in the people’s trust, put their interests first even when it costs her personally.

She and Cruz and precious few others are on the forefront of this battle.

“A door has opened and it will not be closed.”  Dowd, Wallace, Schmidt, Rove and those like them bemoan this truth while we embrace it.

So long as Governor Palin and other principled reform-minded leaders put themselves out there and fight for the heart and soul of not only the GOP but of conservatism itself, we must…and we will…continue to stand by them.

The future of our nation depends on it.




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