Former Obama economic advisor: Obamacare “is not a jobs program”

Well, no kidding. It’s quite the opposite as we’ve noted multiple times.  But it’s interesting to hear such an admission from Jared Bernstein, one of Obama’s economic advisors when the job-killing scheme known as Obamacare was hatched.

What’s equally noteworthy about this video is the tenacious and hostile questioning coming from Steve Liesman of all people. For those who don’t know, Liesman is a notably liberal reporter at CNBC who often appears on “Squawk Box”. His verbal battles with Rick Santelli are epic … and entertaining. Yet this morning he went after Bernstein with both barrels blazing. If Team Obama is having trouble convincing Liesman of the wonders of Obamacare, that’s significant. Also significant is Bernstein’s callous insistence that the government continue implementing and burdening the nation’s employers with Obamacare even after admitting that it’s hampering their ability to add to payroll. Priorities.


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