Garden Variety…What?

Joe Biden, ever the source of comic relief for the Obama administration (I’m assuming that’s what they’ve kept him around for, because he really isn’t good for much else), sank his foot halfway to his colon this morning with yet another breathtakingly ignorant remark.  What was he talking about?  Indicators of abuse.

Oh, it’s something else.  Take a look:

To be fair, when he talked about strangulation he was referencing research that has, within the past year, shown that DV (domestic violence) victims who are strangled by their abusers are ten times as likely to be killed by their abusers.  That research has come up with amazing new ways to capture evidence of strangulation that the naked eye cannot see, and I’ve recently completed training on the methods.  It’s some pretty awesome stuff that’s resulting in a lot more convictions.

The embarrassing part is that he makes the comment and then says, “these are telltale signs that this isn’t your garden variety slap across the face!”


Yes, he really said that.  *FACEPALM*

That’s one of those comments that just begs the question, “what exactly goes on in your home?”  It wasn’t bad enough that he raucously asked a slain Navy SEAL’s father one of the most inappropriate questions ever uttered by a US Vice President in history.  It wasn’t bad enough that he didn’t know the most basic history facts, such as when TV was invented and how the American people would have heard FDR’s message during the Great Depression.  He now has to downplay domestic abuse as “garden variety”?  Really?

So if your spouse or significant other is tearing you down mentally and only occasionally slapping you, don’t worry.  Joe says it’s normal.  Escalation apparently isn’t in his vocabulary.

Note to liberals: there is never any circumstance under which physical violence is acceptable.  If you have to slap your wife to make your point, you deserve some garden variety jail time.  We should not have to remind you of these simple facts.  Oh, and urinating on yourself and carrying a whistle?  Not gonna stop a domestic abuser.  Whose war on women is this, anyway?

Oh, wait…I know.  You made that pretty clear not long ago.

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