GOP lawmaker seeks ‘virtual Congress’ with telecommuting plan

Now this is a great idea. It would not only save the taxpayers a ton of money, but it will also allow lawmakers to better serve their constituents and not be infected by the Washington cesspool. Indeed I can’t see any losers in this. That is other than K Street, which pretty much guarantees it’ll never happen.

 Rep. Steve Pearce (R-N.M.) wants to create a “virtual Congress,” where  lawmakers would leverage videoconferencing and other remote work  technology to  conduct their daily duties in Washington from their home  districts.

Under a resolution Pearce introduced on Thursday, lawmakers would be  able to  hold hearings, debate and vote on legislation virtually from  their district  offices.

While Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may have recently nixed the Web  company’s  work-from-home policy to boost its performance, Pearce believes a  remote work arrangement may benefit Congress and make lawmakers more  accountable to folks in their home districts.

Pearce says the resolution would eradicate the need for members to jet  back  and forth from their districts to Washington each weekend.  This would allow  lawmakers to spend more time with  their constituents rather than the armies of  lobbyists from K St., he argues.

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