Governor Palin Has Fun With Maxine Waters, Liberals Go Crazy

Of course, Governor Palin has been called every name from A-Z.  I am sure many of you have witnessed the statements of Democratic Congresswoman, Maxine Waters of CA and like me wondered how in the world this woman can get away with the many gaffes she’s uttered in all the years she has occupied Congress.

You see, when you believe in liberal ideals, the press gives you a pass.  It isn’t simply the fact that Maxine Waters is a blunder-machine, but she’s actually been suspected of some of that crony capitalism that Governor Palin works so hard to educate folks about.  But despite her knack for error or the evidence against her with such shady matters, she continues to be re-elected since our media won’t do their job.

But as we know, Waters has claimed the sequestration would cost Americans 170 Million Jobs.

Governor Palin tweeted the following:

The liberal responses are the same ones we’re used to.

The confidence the Governor has is awesome.  She’s secure enough to consistently be the butt of the joke from the elites in the Lamestream Media.  Then, when she gives them one tiny morsel of what they put her through, they start crying?


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