Karl Rove Swipes at Governor Palin on FNS

During her home run speech at CPAC yesterday, Governor Palin called out a certain “architect” with a penchant for not building much of anything. Karl Rove, who epitomizes the GOP establishment, has fancied himself a voice for the Republican movement and an authority on who can and cannot be victorious in elections. Unfortunately, his track record belies that fancy.

The CPAC attendees weren’t the only ones to notice the Governor’s allusion. Though she no longer works for the network, Governor Palin made an appearance on FOX News Sunday this morning, as did Rove. No, she wasn’t there in person, but she certainly was the subject of conversation. Chris Wallace wanted to get Rove’s reaction to what the Governor said yesterday. Rove couldn’t help but roll out the old, tired “quitter” meme, further demonstrating that he really doesn’t have a clue. If he still has no understanding of why she stepped aside from the governor’s office, and how it served to benefit her state, there’s not much hope for him. But then again, the good old boys aren’t good at understanding those who selflessly do what’s right, fully aware that it just might cost them everything. When Rove takes a stab at her by saying he would have served out his term, he was not lying. He would have. Come hell or high water, that’s what most of the members of the permanent political class would have done. The thought of passing the ball to someone else so that progress isn’t hindered never occurs to them. The idea of making the difficult decision to restore sanity to what has become sheer lunacy on the part of haters is a foreign concept to people who, as Governor Palin pointed out in her speech, need to “get over themselves.” Of course, he would have served out his term, even under the condition of bankrupting his state–and this is exactly why he, and others like him, need to “stay in the truck” because they obviously don’t possess the wherewithal to “buck up.”

And as an aside: Isn’t it interesting that Governor Palin’s comment commanded a swipe from Rove–and a question from Wallace to begin with? It almost makes one think she’s not quite as “irrelevant” as people keep trying to convince us she is. Almost, huh?

Here’s the FOX segment:

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(h/t Steve Flesher and Doug Brady)

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