McCain doubles down, refers to Ted Cruz and Rand Paul as ‘wacko birds’; Updated

Via Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner:

“It’s always the wacko birds on right and left that get the media megaphone,” McCain told Huffington Post’s Jon Ward in a story titled “John McCain: Getting Back To Maverick, With An Eye On Retirement.”

He added, “I think it can be harmful if there is a belief among the American people that those people are reflective of the views of the majority of Republicans. They’re not.”

Ward wrote: “I asked McCain to clarify who, specifically, he was talking about.”

McCain said, “Rand Paul, Cruz, Amash, whoever.”


“He showed his true colors. He has now attacked Senator Cruz and Senator Paul for basically leading and keeping promises they made to their constituents not too mention their oath to uphold the Constitution,” said one activist.

But the clash also put on display the fight between the old bulls and the new turks for control of the party, [an]other said.

I don’t know what McCain’s trying to accomplish here, but if helping Obama regain his footing after a bad week by dividing the GOP is his goal, he’s going about it the right way.

Update: (h/t Greg W) Via Buzzfeed,  a possible explanation for the bizarre behavior exhibited by Graham and McCain over the past 24 hours or so:

“Either they were drinking a lot at the Obama party or they’re just completely dismissive of what was going on,” said one senior Republican strategist. “They’re living in an alternative universe. I don’t get it at all. You have a party where there’s all this talk about how divided the establishment is from the grassroots, and then you have John McCain and Lindsey Graham come out of left field with this. People are just scratching their heads.”



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