More Desperation and Fear, Update: PDS Infected Trolling C4P (and Mediaite) Update II: A.J. Delgado Trolling w/ Trig Truthers

It’s always pleasant to watch a dishonest narrative crumble.  But this might be the first time I’ve seen someone else try so quickly to revive it.

The only things effective about John Avlon’s latest word-salad are the responses to it.  The smack-downs are classic and can be found in places like here and here.

Avlon also received many tweets pointing out the fact that he is hardly responsible for the electoral success of any Republican.

That common sense got most, who otherwise wouldn’t have taken the time before, to stop and think about that inconvenient detail.  We know Governor Palin has been successful at getting candidates elected.  Yet, people like Avlon who could never make the same claim feel they are in the position to criticize.

So despite the enormous distortions and stretches in articles by Avlon, they actually help the cause when the debate has been had — which brings us to the current.

Yesterday, after getting the smack-downs he deserved, an even-lamer writer at Mediaite headlines a piece: “Conservatives Not Happy With Sarah Palin’s PAC’s Financials.”

You see, this was Avlon’s lifeline.  Not only weren’t the epic smack-downs conveniently ignored, we’re supposed to now believe that Avlon’s original article was effective at delivering news to “conservatives.”

And just which conservatives did AJ Delgado manage to dig up?  Folks like Nathan Wurtzel, and Ben Howe.

Including John Avlon, does Ms. Delgado truly believe that these guys represent the grassroots or influence pop culture on the right?  Of course not.  That’s why it’s her job to join them in trying to add validity to something which has already been effectively debunked.  Add in about a dozen PDS-infected computer flies to fill up the comments section, and suddenly new flavor-of-the-week geniuses are recognized.

But there’s just one problem.  How many of the aforementioned conservatives have hit the campaign trail for other conservatives?  Did they stand in hundred-degree heat like Governor Palin did serving up barbeque to everyday Americans in the Midwest last summer?  Did they campaign in Texas for Ted Cruz?  Were they supporters of Cruz during the primary or did they prefer Dewhurst?  Did they campaign for Dewhurst?  Did they pick winners?

In other words, what have they done besides criticize the true Senate Kingmaker?  The answer is simple: her recipe works, her instincts work, and others out there simply don’t make the cut.

Will you find such indignant comments and articles from any of these types on wobbly Republicans in Congress or this corrupt administration of engaging in cronyism and special interests, for destroying the middle class, and for driving our debt up to near $17T?

We know these disastrous results are being felt by real people.

Governor Palin gets it, just like we do and just like so many millions of Americans.

Of course these folks still won’t get that.  But that’s where our greatest weapon is realized.  First, whenever they engage in these smears, they contribute to the continuing scrubbing of Governor Palin’s record.  They’re vetting her in a way that our own President still has not been.  We know there’s nothing there and now so will so many others.  This is no different than their desire to scrub down 27,000 emails.  Again, nothing was wrong.  Governor Palin has been a maverick at getting these people to use her to set standards that we know other politicians cannot live up to.  All one needs to do is look at Washington today to figure that out.

Every time they create a new way to attack the messenger, they create a new standard that we can hold them to when the true fight begins.  The best way to prepare for that fight is to participate in C4P’s independent SarahPAC money bomb today!


After writing this post earlier, I immediately removed it to get a better look at some of these guys jumping on Avlon’s bandwagon before re-posting.  However, it’s clear that certain Palin-deranged haters have decided to spend Easter Sunday doing what they do best: trolling C4P (apparently along with posting under multiple screen-names at Mediaite).  As such, there’s a rumor going on that a mysterious post was pulled and that of course, we’re hiding something.  Meanwhile the only thing revealed truly here is that the same crowd who’d say they never come around just can’t seem to get enough of us.

One thing discovered is that Nathan Wurtzel has a firm of his own in Washington D.C.  I’d be curious to know how many cocktail parties he has attended.  Nevertheless, I cannot imagine why such a DC expert would jump right in to slam Governor Palin who very recently suggested “furloughing the consultants” in front of a crowd of screaming conservatives.  You see, consultants don’t guide Governor Palin on principle and her enemies know that.

As brilliant as Wurtzel is supposed to be, I’d take Senator Ted Cruz’s word over his any day of the week.

I’d like to further make clear that I have experienced firsthand the grassroots efforts Governor Palin has inspired through many of the campaigning efforts I have mentioned above.  The fact is, her endorsements and contributions have carried out the mission of introducing candidates whom have made it all the way to the Senate that otherwise might not have.

Finally, unlike Wurtzel or Avlon or even those who jumped on Avlon’s bandwagon that perhaps we may have thought of as our friends before, not one contributor at C4P is full time in the blogging or politics business.  You see, we have nothing at stake by promoting the Governor’s agenda to rebuild America from the bottom up.  We all have jobs and contribute our time and efforts because it is our joy and our privilege to do so.

Update II by Stacy: Looks like Mediaite writer A.J. Delgado, likes to hang with the Trig Truthers on Twitter:


She also seems to think that we can’t back up what we’re saying. Since we’ve posted on Avlon’s hit-piece many times, our readers are already familiar with the details. Since Ms. Delgado isn’t, here’s a quick recap from Ali for her to read while she’s trolling the site on this fine holiday (emphasis):

No Labels co-founder Avlon has always talked past his own expertise, but this time he has really done it. Avlon takes a cheap jab, “Palin’s PAC spent $5.1 million in the last election cycle (more than it raised in that time period, raising some questions about Palin’s claims of fiscal responsibility).” Avalon misses, not understanding that PACs are required to measure and assign value not only to all expenditures, but efforts “in-kind,” and anything that can legally be defined as “electioneering” must be reported as an expenditure. This is poor journalism at best, while we may suspect it as a malicious attempt to “punch up.”  Avlon needs to do his homework before opining.

Palin’s multi-candidate PAC maxes out to each candidate they endorse, as per the Federal Election Commission’s rules, at $5,000 a pop per election (primary, run-off, generals counting as separate “elections”).

PACs then usually spend what are referred to as IEs, independent expenditures. Is Avlon arguing that the GOP needs to spend more money on useless TV ads, like those of Karl Rove’s Crossroads? On talk radio that he so frequently bashes? If so, he should stick to his own business. Every consultant will tell you that the value of Palin and having her PAC behind you is Palin herself!

There’s a lot more, and I implore Delgado to read it.

The only line of attack these people have is that SarahPAC could spend more money on Crossroads like commercials. Given Crossroads lack of success, that would be bad management. Other than that, SarahPAC maxes out their contributions to candidates. They can’t give them any more donation cash per FEC regulations.

The percentage these people are throwing around as their talking-point is irrelevant, given the amount of money that SarahPAC receives. If a small PAC takes in less money, they will have a lower “overhead vs. campaign donation” percentage.

This begs the question, what are these people really mad at?

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