Mr. L: If Gov. Palin’s Big Flaw Is Resigning Then She Has No Flaws

(The following is a guest submission by Ron Devito.)

In describing his most recent segment, Mr. L wrote, “I wanna talk about this dig at Sarah Palin by Karl Rove which was in retaliation for Palin’s dig at him at CPAC. And I did have this transcribed by the way. You can find it along with this commentary at I only did this once where I cut the audio and then gave it to a friend who’s a fast keyboardist to transcribe it because I think this topic is important to be in both the spoken and the written word. I wanna talk about the concept of resignation and Sarah Palin’s resignation…..”

In some salient quotes from the transcript, Mr. L spoke about Gov. Palin declaring war on the Rove / establishment wing of the Republican Party and how he would rather be in the fox hole with Gov. Palin than 25 people like Rove:

“When Palin started going after the consultant class, it was a great thing because here’s this prominent political figure, who has gone after corruption in her own party before and won so, she knows a little about it, and she has experience in doing this. So she’s making a declaration against them, like a General before a battle who would declare war on an enemy. Never forget that, in a political war, I would rather be in the fox hole with someone Sarah Palin, or someone like her or of her character, rather than in the hole with 25 Karl Roves.”

He spoke about Gov. Palin’s success rate in candidate endorsements versus Rove’s 1%:

“I mean, the people in his organization they make great campaign ads, but his record for picking candidates sucks. What does Palin now have? What is she now 75% success and Rove’s 1%. And how many millions did he spend for that 1%? He blew through $300 million dollars in 2012—and they lost!”

Mr. L delineated how Gov. Palin resigned office because a few people committed legal fraud and abused the ethics law, bringing on frivolous ethics complaints and lawsuits which were all dismissed. Further, Mr. L said, those who lodged the complaints and filed the suits should have served prison terms for fraud and harassment.

Oh yeah, Rove and people like Sucker Carlson should know the “undisputable truth” that the Alaskan Ethics Act did not allow her to escape the legal bills to defend those charges. It also should be mentioned that Ethics Act could not be reformed until she resigned. And again, there was no help from people like Rove or the national party to raise cash for her legal bills. The DNC certainly did it for Clinton. So she’s making about $125K a year and there’s $500K to $1 million in legal fees coming at her…you do the math. I’d like to ask Karl Rove exactly how much he would spend to be a lame duck governor?

He contrasted Gov. Palin’s resignation with the ruling class mentality which seeks only to hold on to power.

More clearly from me as I will declare: If Sarah Palin is her biggest flaw is a resignation, then frankly she doesn’t have any faults….

…Governor Palin took an oath to protect and defend her state. By stepping down, she kept that oath. Americans are sick and tired of politicians and people like Karl Rove who base every decision and vote on how it will advance their personal political career….

Here you have people in the ruling class, people like Rove, who pass judgment and don’t understand it. Why? Well, Rove is right—he would’ve served out his full term. If he could actually get elected. Why? Because people with the ruling class mentality will do anything, spend however much, spend other people’s money, tax payer money, waste money, to hold onto their power. Because that’s all megalomaniacs like them are concerned with—holding power.

Rove, who chided Gov. Palin as a “quitter” resigned his post as White House Deputy Chief of Staff in disgrace over the Valerie Plame scandal, and barely escaped indictment. Mr. L went on to list a parade of politicians who had a resigned – quit – for various reasons, and no one has said “boo” about it.

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