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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is a “modern day prophet” who correctly predicted many of today’s political and economic events, Mr. L said in the closing moments of his video, The Folly Of Big Tent Republicanism. “Sarah Palin is in the know, and when people want to go ‘ha ha’ mock when she starts talking about stockpiling ammo and that the government might be doing that to use it on us, because of a coming collapse, I would remind you that people went ‘ha ha’ and mocked when she said that there were death panels in the ObamaCare Bill.” He continued, “They all ‘ha ha’ and mocked and it turned out that she was right. And quite frankly, the thing that is most chilling about her prediction is that most of her predictions in the past have come true. Sarah Palin is a modern day prophet in my book. Someone once said to me, ‘if you want to learn about current events and what is currently going on right now, you should read some of Sarah Palin’s old Facebook Notes.'”

In Big Tent, Mr. L expounded on the war between the Rove-Bush wing of the Republican Party and grassroots Palin conservatives. He said the establishment wing is all connected with Bush and Clinton who have ruled the White House since Reagan left office. The Clintons rule today to some extent through Obama.

At 17:13 in the video, Mr. L spoke about Matthew Dowd, “the failure of the No Labels Movement – this bald freak – taking a swipe at Sarah Palin in defense of Chris Christie. And of course, you had the junkyard dog there as well – James Carville – throwing out his little digs as juvenile as they were. ‘Sarah Palin out there is good for me. When we have more Sarah Palins and less Chris Christies, it’s good for me'” meaning that Carville thinks Gov. Palin damages the Republican Party. “Meanwhile, he was the guy who was petrified of Sarah Palin getting in the race in 2012,” Mr. L continued. “He was petrified and he made a statement about it on a talk show and everybody forgets that. As I said, this is a war on Palin conservatives.”

Mr. L said the “big tent” is little more than a last ditch effort to save the Republican establishment. 2014 is the time get true conservatives elected, he said. “Big tent” is a key motivating factor in marginalizing and diminishing Gov. Palin. “Sarah Palin speaks for the grassroots in this country. Sarah Palin speaks for the ordinary, hard working…people. Sarah Palin speaks for the conservative who is sick to death of big government Republicanism and big government liberalism and they know she is a clear and present danger to their final push.”

He said Gov. Palin’s comment about the government stockpiling ammo “scares the crap” of the establishment, because they are afraid to say it themselves. “She is not afraid to say what is on her mind,” Mr. L. said. “So they mock her…” and the NRA back-stabbed her.

Delineating, Gov. Palin’s prediction, Mr. L said,

“What she said isn’t incendiary. It’s the truth. They’re stockpiling mass amounts of ammo – and for what? What do they need all of this for? Well, you have to ask the question if you’re a sane-minded thinking individual and you live in the real world and not some other world – that with the coming collapse in this country, there will be civil unrest and how do governments control civil unrest? They control it with bullets. They control it with force. That’s how they clamp down on civil unrest.”

Mr. L wrote in his synopsis of Big Tent:

The GOP establishment is on the offensive lately pushing the idea of “Big Tent” liberal republicanism to the low information voters via the media. I told you a few weeks ago that we are now in a war for the heart and soul of the republican party in America. It’s Sarah Palin grassroots conservatives vs. Rove Bush Family Republicans. Big tent republicanism is nothing more than a euphemism for big government, socialism and one party rule. My predictions about Dr. Ben Carson are slowly coming true. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul hang “for sale” signs on themselves and go to Wall Street. Paul Ryan and others will soon follow. Sarah Palin still speaks for average middle class working Americans who are fed up with Obama’s lies and big government statism. Once again, the great lady of Alaska has the balls to call out the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Stupidity for stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition. What is chilling about Palin’s recent prediction is that most of her predictions have come true.

H/T Isabel Matos, Facebook: GOP Are You Listening for story lead.

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