Palin 2016 and the Silly “Reality Show” Narrative

Dustin Hawkins has a pretty decent article over at under “U.S. Conservative Politics” titled “Should Sarah Palin Run in 2016?”

He begins by having a little fun with the left:

Democrats claim they would love for Sarah Palin to be the Republican nominee in 2016. They constantly write articles of her “irrelevancy,” and mock her and write story, after story, after story about her. Because that’s what you do with irrelevant people. Many Republicans are even wary of what her nomination would bring, noting that the media and entertainment industry assault on her has currently destroyed her public image.

He then notes her fearlessness when it comes to espousing her constitutionally-conservative positions:

If there is one thing about Palin, it is that she is not afraid to go after her opponents. She is tenacious. She would not back down. She would not apologize. She would not have conservatives hopping mad in her refusal to go on offense. McCain and Romney played nice while candidate Obama pounded them into the ground.

He then talks about the possible Palin-Clinton matchup:

She [Hillary Clinton] will get a free pass [on Benghazi], and the only person who can change the narrative is the nominee for president. But that nominee must also be willing to change the narrative. Palin might lose. But a week-kneed and “safe” Republican would be but a sacrificial lamb in the electoral slaughter that would be headed the Republican’s way.

He goes on to talk about what he calls a “myth” that people don’t like Governor Palin.

Many think a Palin candidacy would be DOA because of her poll numbers. But are those poll numbers a reflection of what people actually have seen of Palin or just a reflection of the portrayal and constant mocking of her over the years?


If anything, the caricature of her is so borderline-silly that most people would be shocked to find out she could recite the alphabet. And how many people think she actually said “I can see Russia from my house”? Palin took a beating far worse than any candidate in recent history.

He then moves on to point out the obvious: she’s “already vetted.”

Finally, Palin is a known commodity. We’ve seen her at her best and her worst. (And her “worst” is more what others have done to her rather than something she has done to herself.) She is very conservative with a populist stretch. She is inclusive. She reaches out to everyone. She is an effective speaker. The media has already investigated every hair on her head, read every email she ever wrote, and even accidentally discovered she was a good governor after all. One thing with Palin is sure: there is nothing left to be vetted except her ideas. Would Palin be a risky move? Well, how did the last two guys work out for us and who among the Republicans would be a better force to at least try to stomp her opponent the way they will stomp back?

For everything in this piece that speaks the truth, there’s something I disagree with.

He says:

Admittedly, the multiple family reality shows might be a self-inflicted wound.

First, this tweet posted on Twitchy’s reporting of #sarahpalindoes perfectly answers the “reality show” narrative:


This young (and very smart) Tweeter is spot-on!  I am so tired of left-wing liberals like Obama or Clinton being praised for going on MTV, playing a saxophone on late night TV, hanging out with Jimmy Kimmel, or delivering a comedy routine.  How brilliant and Machiavellian of them!

Yet, when Governor Palin does it better, she’s ridiculed.

Governor Palin has recently talked about going outside of our comfort zone.  We need to stop preaching to the choir.  What better way to take that message to the masses than to use the path provided by those who hate your values the most?  In truth, liberals aren’t less afraid of Governor Palin because her booming ratings for TV diminish her politically, rather, they are more afraid because she has successfully infiltrated what they believe is their territory.  Hollywood dislikes it, but will allow it so long as the ratings keep coming.

Substantively, the various Palin programs have also added something to their innocuous funny moments.  Bristol showed young women the pressures and responsibilities associated with single motherhood.  Governor Palin encouraged tourism to her beautiful state by sharing its majesty with all of us.  Todd muscled up not to entertain, but to benefit the troops.

If you’re a conservative and you find these various TV gigs disturbing, you either need to loosen up your tie a little bit or you need to look at the bigger picture.

You can read the entire Hawkins article here.

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