Politico: Feds and Media ‘Debunk’ Governor Palin

Politico reports that the government and their pals in the media have explanations to “debunk” the claims of Governor Palin and others like Mark Levin who believe the feds are stockpiling ammo to protect themselves from a potentially angry America once their plethora of lies and distortions begin to unravel with regard to our deficits and their broken promises.

They begin:

While government agencies are, in fact, purchasing large amounts of ammunition, they are doing so for training exercises and shooting ranges, according to federal officials. The Washington Post last month summed up the Department of Homeland Security’s buying of more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for training with an article headlined, “Not so sinister: Homeland Security is stockpiling ammo for target practice.”

The Washington Post also reported that Governor Palin was going to work for Al Jazeera.  How did that turn out?

They continue:

And last summer, the Social Security Administration’s Office of the Inspector General released a public statement to squash fears – fueled by the internet – about the SSA buying ammunition.

“Our investigators are similar to your State or local police officers. They use traditional investigative techniques, and they are armed when on official duty,” SSA wrote in a public post Aug. 16, 2012.  “Media reports expressed concerns over the type of ammunition ordered,” the statement continued, apparently referring to hollow-point bullets. “In fact, this type of ammunition is standard issue for many law enforcement agencies.


Meanwhile, as the Atlantic Wire noted on Wednesday, Snopes had debunked the rumor last August tracing it (in part) to an anonymous online conspiracy letter from last August.

Well, I know I feel a lot better knowing the media and the government have rushed out to debunk conservatives.  Phew!

I’ll just try to forget we were told that if we liked the health care we had, we could keep it — or that unemployment would never go above 8% if we allowed the president to bankrupt our kids and grand kids.  After all, those promises were made by the government and reported by the media, too.  But like so many other times, when the lies are realized and when it’s too late, both the government and media will choose to remain silent.

It took conservatives like Governor Palin to tell us about the quantitative easing going on with the feds.  We know this very dangerous practice is a gamble as a crash can occur if they either continue it too long or stop it too soon.  I’m comfortable knowing that a government that cannot balance a budget is going to know when enough is enough.  But as long as they say they can — and as long as the media reports it, I guess I have nothing to worry about.

We also know that the feds are purposely holding down interest rates.  We live in a time where statistics are manipulated.  We’re told that the housing market is up and is on it’s way to recovery when in reality, short sales and foreclosure sales account for 43% of residential sales in 2012.  But as long as the government says we’re in a recovery and the media reports it, I’ll be okay.  I just have to wait for this alleged prosperity to make its way back to my neighborhood.

Of course, we know nowadays that this kind of thinking is ridiculous.  However, don’t be surprised if the media and the government do more to further discourage intellectual curiosity (or common sense) as people grow more and more frustrated as the days pass.  We cannot afford to give the government and their pals in the media a blank check any further.

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