Robert Stacy McCain: Why John Avlon Hates Sarah Palin – Update: Ali Akbar: Avlon Needs to Do His Homework

Robert Stacy McCain posted a great response to John Avlon’s lame attack piece today:

OK, so the other day Sarah Palin’s PAC came out with an awesome new video declaring Mama Grizzly’s intent to continue being a major force in Republican Party politics, and naturally John Avlon decided this was a fine occasion to defecate all over Palin’s name.

Would it be possible to do a point-by-point rebuttal of Avlon’s ignorant arguments? Yes. Is it necessary to do so? No.

Once you understand the motives of people like that, their methods are mere details. If Avlon ever wrote anything that hurt Democrats, the Daily Beast wouldn’t publish it.

McCain also points out that Avlon:

“…co-founded the “No Labels” movement, funded by liberal donors and assigned the mission of helping Democrats destroy the Tea Party.”

Avlon certainly has a history of trashing Governor Palin, as we have written about here, and here. Considering everybody he works for and the sort of person that he is, I’m sure there will be much more of this garbage in the future.

Update: Ali Akbar shreds Avlon’s false argument , via The Blaze:

Avlon takes a cheap jab, “Palin’s PAC spent $5.1 million in the last election cycle (more than it raised in that time period, raising some questions about Palin’s claims of fiscal responsibility).” Avalon misses, not understanding that PACs are required to measure and assign value not only to all expenditures, but efforts “in-kind,” and anything that can legally be defined as “electioneering” must be reported as an expenditure. This is poor journalism at best, while we may suspect it as a malicious attempt to “punch up.”  Avlon needs to do his homework before opining.

Palin’s multi-candidate PAC maxes out to each candidate they endorse, as per the Federal Election Commission’s rules, at $5,000 a pop per election (primary, run-off, generals counting as separate “elections”).

PACs then usually spend what are referred to as IEs, independent expenditures. Is Avlon arguing that the GOP needs to spend more money on useless TV ads, like those of Karl Rove’s Crossroads? On talk radio that he so frequently bashes? If so, he should stick to his own business. Every consultant will tell you that the value of Palin and having her PAC behind you is Palin herself! The value in the brand is that she is a high-profile figure whose endorsement garners more media hits and grassroots donations than an endorsement from anyone else in the center-right movement. The PAC invests in maintaining that brand so that candidates, many now sitting in office, can enjoy the benefits largely unique to SarahPAC. Anything else would be a waste of dollars and  decrease the ability of grassroots challengers to win.

Consultants design websites, store data and lists, arrange the travel, vet the candidates, write the talking points, run crisis communications, and well, everything else. There are seldom “employees” on campaigns. Politics is always changing — campaigns are non-permanent institutions funded by limited donor contributions. Worker bees, hired as 1099 contractors? We’re all “consultants” in the broadest definition of the term.

What Palin is going after is specific elite category of the consultant class: Those who reap millions of dollars for controlling votes, for building candidates, for brokering bad deals, for finding awful consensus instead of fighting for victory.

Please go here to read the entire article.

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