The Future Is Bright

CPAC is now one week away, and I think it will bring some significant events.  Despite some of the crazy sideshows that many of us weird political junkies have been following on the Twitter and other online outlets regarding the conservative shindig in DC, there a couple of things worth taking note of.  The first is the appearance of Mitt Romney.  Now, I am as uninterested in hearing him speak as the rest of you, and I will not be attending his speech, but his talk there will serve as a symbolic closing of the book on the 2012 election cycle.  And thank G-d for that.  Supposedly he will be there to thank the people for supporting him, and then he can exit the stage once and for all.  Of course, the main reason many of us will be following the happenings at the Gaylord Hotel next weekend is because Governor Palin will be speaking on Saturday at noon.  Some of us Palin supporters will be going there to hear the speech.  It’s probably the main reason I’ll be attending.  Well, that and also to consume an alcoholic beverage or two with some really cool people.

I think it’s safe to say that Governor Palin will give a great speech next weekend, and she will have one of the most, if not the most, enthusiastic responses of all the speakers there.  It will be talked about in the press and then the obligatory questions from the clowns in the MSM will arrive- is she still relevant, has her star faded, is her time passed, etc.  You all know the drill.  By the way, have there ever been more stories written and reported about someone dedicated to saying how irrelevant they are?  Funny stuff.  Anyway, this is the first major speech by Governor Palin since last year, as she has been kind of laying low for the past 6 months- at least publicly.  So, with her “comeback speech” so to speak happening next weekend, I think it’s worth looking at not only what future she has, but also how strong of a position she is in.

As far as Governor Palin’s future, I’m not interested in speculating in what she will or won’t do over the next few years, so I won’t be doing that here.  She’s going to do what she’s going to do, and she will let the public know of her plans when she is ready.  But, what kind of a position is she in?  The media and the other “smart folks” in the GOPe have written her off and denounce her as an unserious sideshow.  We know they are wrong, but just how wrong are they?  Well, I am of the belief that she is in one of the strongest positions she has ever been in, and her future is only limited by those limitations she may place on herself.   Why?  I think there are two reasons- her talent, and the 2012 election.

It’s clear to many that Governor Palin is a rare political talent.  She is a combination of substance and style.  On the style front, she is one of the most charismatic speakers around, is the best retail politician I’ve ever seen, and has a way of connecting with people that has not been seen in awhile.  She has what you can’t teach.  It can be developed and sharpened, but you either have it or you don’t.  She has it in spades.  And on the substance side, she has a public service record that is second to none.  I don’t have to go onto detail about that, as I’m sure you have all seen The Undefeated, and others on this site, namely Whitney, have extensively written about her record in a far better way than I ever could.  Check it out.  So, the question is, does anyone else in the GOP have the combination of substance and style she has?  While there are some rising stars in the GOP I particularly like, such as Ted Cruz and Scott Walker, I think the answer to that question is still no.  And when someone has talent like that, they can lay low for awhile, and come back in full stride in a relatively short period of time.  That’s one reason why I personally believe that Governor Pain stepping out of the spotlight for the past several months is no indication of her star fading.

The 2012 election was nothing short of a debacle for the GOP.  While they talked about taking control of the Senate, they lost seats.  They lost House seats.  And, they lost to the most vulnerable incumbent and worst President we have seen in our lifetimes.  There was no better example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory than what the GOP did last November.   But despite this debacle, Governor Palin made it through the election totally unscathed.  Can Christ Christie say that?  Um, no.  The rest of the GOPe?  Absolutely not.  Even some previous conservative rising stars like Nikki Haley didn’t help herself very much.  Governor Palin?  She came out of this golden.  She was a team player and gave her support to the Romney ticket, but didn’t go all in where the GOPe would be able to blame her for the loss.  Her endorsements were much more surgical and selective in 2012 than they were in 2010.  While they were few in number, they had an impact.  She played a big part in helping Ted Cruz’s long shot candidacy in Texas, and the argument can be made that the only reason Deb Fischer is currently the Junior Senator from Nebraska is because of Governor Palin’s endorsement in the primary.   She also got to have a little bit of an I told you so moment regarding the Missouri Senate race.  (Thanks a lot, Missouri GOP primary voters!)  A few of her long shot picks didn’t make it, but they weren’t expected to in the first place.  She still showed her endorsement carries a lot of weight, while not getting hurt by her picks that did not win.   That’s a great place to be in with the 2014 midterm elections coming faster than any of us realize.

So, let the clowns in the MSM and GOPe make fools of themselves while they write off Governor Palin and fail in their attempt to pretend she isn’t there and let them write their 2500 word screeds on her irrelevance.  She is in a great position, and as I said above, her only limitations on her are those she may place on herself.  If the decides not to place any on herself, the world better watch out.

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