The Official C4P CPAC Open Thread; Update: Livestream added, watch Governor Palin’s speech here

It’s finally here…the weekend we’ve been looking forward to for quite awhile now.

This thread will be updated as the weekend progresses.

To start things off, NBC asks “What Does Sarah Palin Want?

**Update by Steve**

The media is all over it.

NBC has changed their headline from “What Does Sarah Want?” to “Palin’s Message a Mystery As she Prepares to Address CPAC.”

US News asks if she belongs at CPAC with a poll to entice the ones who fear her the most.

CBS finds a handful of folks to say nice things about her but who also don’t feel she should run in 20156.  I hope some of our folks find these cherry picked individuals and educate them a little.  Nevertheless, it’s ironic that the same media who says she’s irrelevant are asking about a possible 2016 run.  As I said before, we love the challenge.  If the Governor so chooses, she loves a challenge to.  It’s up to her.

CBS seems to be broadcasting here.

C-Span here.

Update II by Doug:  For your convenience, we’ve added a livestream from CPAC. The Governor’s speech is at noon (EDT). Be sure to watch it here.


Streaming live video by Ustream

**Update by Steve**

Poor John Avlon (Frum and Co) needs some attention.  Before clicking, just remember that months ago they said she was irrelevant.  CPAC should definitely be about finding Republicans who are perhaps as prescient as Governor Palin is, who actually belong with the big boys of politics and who have accurately predicted things that have come to pass.

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