The Palin Crew

#CPAC2013 is in one week,  and as Brian mentioned in his post yesterday, a healthy number of the “Palin Crew” will be attending (I borrowed that phrase from the “Cruz Crew“).

#CPAC2012 was a lot of fun, and I dug out some pictures from it:


IMG_0095 IMG_0139



IMG_0097  IMG_0140



We had a pretty fun time because I think we’re a pretty fun crew. That’s a completely unbiased view. For those who can’t be with us, what sort of things would you like to see us bring back to the neighborhood? Pictures, videos, a postcard? I’d love to be able to make you guys feel there in spirit. If you could toss out some suggestions in the comments, hopefully we can deliver on some of them.

For those who will be attending, I hope we can meet up.




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