Time for a C4P Money Bomb for SarahPAC

As a response to all the haters and smear merchants this week (those who are obviously having a hard time digesting Governor Palin and her PAC’s success), we felt it would be a good time to get a money bomb going for SarahPAC. After all, we’re the ones who donate that money to the Governor’s PAC in the first place; those trashing her never have.


As Michelle so eloquently stated yesterday:


Hit up SarahPAC.com


Donate $20.14 or what you can to show Governor Palin support and help her help us all by continuing to get commonsense conservatives elected to office. Not just Republicans for the sake of electing Republicans mind you, but people who are worth fighting for.



As a reminder, C4P money bombs for SarahPAC are solely independent, grassroots projects of Conservatives4Palin. Anything that is put up on this blog is solely the product of its contributors and editors. There is no collaboration with SarahPAC to help raise funds.

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