Tony Lee Calls Out Nascar Announcers for Taking Baseless Potshot at Governor Palin

Tony Lee has posted an article today over at Breitbart, calling out Fox’s NASCAR commentators Michael Waltrip and Chris Myers for taking a baseless shot at Governor Palin over the weekend:

During Fox’s telecast of the Kobalt Tools 400 NASCAR race in Las Vegas on Sunday, Fox’s NASCAR commentator Michael Waltrip and studio host Chris Myers displayed their ignorance by ridiculing former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin over words she never even said or that have never even been associated with her.

After getting tongue-tied on live television when attempting to say that Brad Keselowski’s crew chief Paul Wolfe was a master strategist, Waltrip mistakenly said Wolfe was a “master strategery.” Clearly embarrassed, Waltrip, like any insecure man, then immediately tried to make himself feel better by referring to Wolfe as someone who had Sarah “Palin strategery,” linking “strategery” to Palin.

One huge problem.

Waltrip made a fool of himself again, for Palin has never been accused of making up the word “strategery.” Will Ferrell, in a Saturday Night Live episode in October of 2000, used “strategery” in a skit about the presidential debate between Bush and Al Gore to mock Bush.

What Ferrell did to Bush was similar to what Tina Fey did to Palin when Fey, playing Palin in a Saturday Night Live skit during the 2008 election, said she “could see Russia from my house.”

Palin never said those words, but the NASCAR commentators apparently believed she did as well, for Waltrip (@mw55) and Myers (@The_ChrisMyers) then brought up that reference while they laughed at Palin’s expense when they should have been laughing at themselves.

Waltrip and Myers appear in a studio show called the “Hollywood Hotel,” and their jabs at Palin mirrored something that would have come straight out of liberal Hollywood. Their comments angered many NASCAR fans and viewers, since Palin has always supported and been a big fan of the sport.


Please go here to read Tony’s entire piece.

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