United We Stand. Divided We Fall

(The following is a guest submission by LaDonna Hale Curzon.)

As nutty, vitriolic and often times destructive for their own party as Howard Dean, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and anyone named Kennedy are – they never get slammed from the left.

Why is that, you ask?

It’s called Reagan’s 11thcommandment: “Thou shall not speak ill of any fellow Republican…” Except of course, they switched out the party names. A better question is, why are Democrats so disciplined on this issue and Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, and that one guy still claiming to be a Whig engaging in this crazy, circular firing squad?

Did we not learn a thing from the 2012 elections when fellow Republicans incessantly took pot shots at each other?

The result was that the GOP ended up writing the ads and talking points for the Democrats, who merely sat back and observed which criticism worked and which didn’t. The left does not run around bad-mouthing their own, no matter how loony or bad for the party they might be. It would be pretty easy for liberals to use the tactic of lampooning Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi in the press just to get ahead. But they don’t. The right does it all the time. Why?

Because each time a conservative goes after another conservative, they get rewarded with media attention.

The mainstream media loves it when conservatives turn cannibalistic on fellow conservatives and when it happens, the left piles on with even more negative coverage.

For example,Gov. Sarah Palin was recently criticized by a conservative for not being more interactive with the conservative media seeking interviews at CPAC, after her incredible speech. Condemnation such as this is not only petty, but highly misdirected on a couple levels.

First of all, if you were at CPAC, you would know how tight security was. There was a large presence of local police, hotel and undercover operatives standing vigilant should any number of threats materialize. I’m not privy to any instructions given to Gov. Palin, but I can tell you flat out that another such speaker, equal in spewed hatred from the left, was told unequivocally not to mingle with the crowd. Get in and get out.

Again, I’m not sure this was the case with Gov. Palin, but criticism of her without considering the safety issue, along with the 11thcommandment, should cause conservatives to keep those types of thoughts to themselves.

After all, this is the same Gov. Palin who is beloved by the tea party community. She knows and understands them. She is one of them. Gov. Palin endorsed and supported more tea party candidates than any other political figure and more than a few members of Congress have Gov. Palin to thank for their new jobs.

If the abolitionists and Whigs could unite behind Abraham Lincoln, why can’t we follow suit?

Maybe we don’t have a declared Civil War, but the undeclared one is on track to destroy this nation one issue at a time and it’s time we found our common ground and defeat our adversaries.

When one conservative exploits another conservative’s popularity to get publicity, climbing the social media ladder, so to speak, can’t you hear the left laughing?

United we stand. Divided we fall.

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