A Love Letter To Peter Wehner


We know you are someone on the right side of the aisle who really, really does not like Governor Palin.  You have had it in for her since she came onto the national scene nearly 5 years ago.  The reasons why are not important, although they are clearly petty and based on false premises.  I guess you were feeling left out over the past few months with many on the right penning hit pieces on Governor Palin, so you felt you had to join in today and write an intellectually dishonest and lazy hit piece on her.  And, yes, that is exactly what it was.  You start right off with the insults in your first sentence:

For the most part I stay away from commenting on Sarah Palin, in part because she has very nearly become a non-factor in American politics.

Let’s see, Pete.  There are some pretty prominent people out there who may disagree with you on that one.  Here are a few:

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Deb Fischer

Governor Nikki Haley

Senator Rand Paul

Governor Susana Martinez

There are many others from the last two election cycles who are in office in large part due to Governor Palin’s endorsement and there will be quite a few in 2014 who will parlay her support to a victory in the primary and general election.  How many conservatives have you helped get elected in the last two election cycles?  How many are you going to help next year?  Here’s another question for you, Pete.  If a conservative candidate has a choice on who could endorse them for office, do you think they’ll choose you or Governor Palin?  You don’t have to embarrass yourself by answering that one.  Oh, and I didn’t even mention how her speech at CPAC last month was by far the most talked about and enthusiastically received.  Non-factor in American politics?  What does that make you?

Further on down in your hit piece, you claim to expose her as a hypocrite by saying this:

Set aside the fact that in 2008 Ms. Palin tried very hard to become part of the political class in D.C. she now despises.

Peter, Peter, Peter.  If that is not the most intellectually dishonest passage written by someone on the right in the past few months, it is certainly in the team photo.  John McCain, the 2008 GOP Presidential nominee, asked Governor Palin to serve her country.  She said yes.  By your twisted logic, Ronald Reagan was a complete sellout because he ran for President .  When Governor Palin gave her acceptance speech at the RNC, she specifically said she was not going to DC to seek the approval of the political class, but to serve the ordinary people of this country.   Watch the speech again.  It’s really good.

You then claim even more hypocrisy by observing:

And forget about the fact that as this report shows, in 2011 Palin appeared at both the Vanity Fair and MSNBC after-WHCD parties. (Her daughter, Bristol, went to the dinner.) From the pictures, she appeared to be yucking it right up with the elite media and politicians.

What does that prove, Peter?  She was an invited guest of Greta Van Susteren, and attended a couple of after parties, but not the dinner itself.  From all reports, she was gracious to the guests there who wanted to meet her and have their picture taken with her- many of whom would spend their days trashing her in print or on TV.  Think about that.  She goes into the lion’s den, where she knows most of the people there trash her all day, but goes there with a smile on her face and obliges their disingenuous requests to meet her.  Would you be that way towards people who trash you?  Or, if you met Governor Palin, would you be like the MSNBC folks who were tripping all over themselves to get a photo with her so they can put it up on their look at me wall in their office?  I can only imagine when they show the picture of them with her to their friends, they get all hipster on them and say they were only doing it ironically.  Are you one of those dudes?

That stuff is bad enough, but then you start using left wing talking points against her:

To be fair, Ms. Palin was treated unfairly by many members of the press corps, though it also needs to be said many of her problems were caused by being ill-prepared and out of her depth on the national stage. (The Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson interviews were devastating not because they were “gotcha” interviews, but because she foundered even when asked basic questions, like which newspapers and periodicals she read.

Seriously, Peter?  First off, Governor Palin admitted she flubbed the Couric interview.  She had an off day because she was tired, and frustrated by the condescending and repetitive questions she was being asked.  Second, you had to go back nearly five years for something?  Get some new material.  This is just a reflection on your intellectual laziness when you wrote this piece.

You close out with this doozy:

The American people aren’t usually won over by angry politicians, and Sarah Palin is one angry individual. Fortunately, she’s also a marginal one.

Sorry, but you are clueless when it comes to her.  Every single person who meets her is taken aback by how gracious and nice she is- even if they are political opponents of hers.  There are countless stories of this.  Do some research on this- if you actually care about the truth when it comes to Governor Palin.  I don’t have to address your last sentence, as I already did.  It’s bull and you know it.

Peter, you don’t have to think Governor Palin is the greatest thing since sliced bread, want her to be our next President, or something else along those lines.  Maybe she’s not your particular brand of Scotch.  If you are a blend guy and you see her as more of a single malt, that’s cool.  But, you sure as hell better show her some respect.  She has earned it.  For the past five years on the national scene, she has put herself out there time and time again and had herself subjected to the most vicious personal attacks a politician has had to endure in quite a while.  And, those attacks have extended to her family, including her 5 year old son with special needs.  Yet, she always comes back with a smile on her face, takes it all in stride, and keeps on fighting for the ordinary people of this country.  Why?  Because she wants to see our nation get restored back to it’s greatness and not see it continue to slip away.  She realized it’s a cause far greater than her, so she keeps on fighting, no matter how badly she is attacked.  My guess is if you were attacked 1% as often as she has been and with only 1% of the ferocity that she has had to endure, you would be locked in your bedroom and rolled up in the fetal position for weeks on end.  And, you have the audacity to call her bitter.  Man, alive.  Governor Palin has done more than enough to earn our respect and admiration over the past few years and continues to do so.  What have you done to earn ours?


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