Aww: Scarborough mighty upset gun control bill failed – Update

Yesterday’s courageous decision by the Senate to respect second amendment rights drew jeers from the usual leftists in the media, including Joe Scarborough. The last time I checked, this loss still calls himself a conservative.

“Mark it down, this is going to be a turning point in the history of the Republican Party as well. And let those out there chattering, let them chatter away all they want to and scream like hyenas. … This party that killed this background check yesterday — this party is moving toward extinction. A new Republican Party is going to replace it. And this is going to be a vote that people will look back on and say, ‘That party, that extremism, that was unsustainable.’”

Slow Joe has it exactly backwards as usual. The GOP may be headed toward extinction, but it won’t be for defending the constitution. Rather, it’ll be for following the advice of RINO’s like Scarborough who believe the Republican Party needs to reject the constitution and embrace their inner liberal to survive.  To their credit, the vast majority of Senate Republicans rejected that path yesterday.

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Update: Ed Morrissey notes that it’s Senate Democrats, not Senate Republicans, who may end up paying the price in 2014 for Obama’s ill-conceived attempt to decimate the second amendment:

So far, we’ve heard a lot of bluster coming from Barack Obama and his allies on Capitol Hill about how the voters will punish Republicans for opposing a series of gun-control measures that didn’t even keep all the Democrats in the fold.  The real problem with “the audacity of mope,” as National Hotline’s Josh Kraushaar writes today, is that voters may end up punishing Democrats in key 2014 Senate contests…

Obama lost because he miscalculated the mood of the nation, and the danger to Democrats in pushing gun control.  And that may make him a very lonely Democrat in DC by 2015.

Let’s hope that’s the case. Fear not, though. Even if this does end up costing Democrats the Senate, Scarborough will still be spouting his idiotic advice to Republicans via his perch at MSNBC. Thankfully, fewer and fewer Republicans still take him seriously.

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