Chris Matthews: Only white people can be racists, you know

This is bizarre, and if anyone on a network other than MSNBC said anything so spectacularly stupid, there’d be hell to pay. But where Matthews and MSNBC is concerned, only a yawn is merited. Rush Limbaugh, correctly, was taking the Left to task for their tendency to characterize anyone who opposes them as racists without providing any evidence of said racism. This, of course, is simply a ham-handed tactic liberals employ to shift attention from the economic and social devastation their policies have wrought. It’s far easier to end the dialogue by falsely charging one’s political opponents with racism than be required to empirically defend the indefensible.

Enter Chris Matthews:

Well actually, Rushbo, racism is the belief that one race – whites – should rule all others. Get your definitions straight.

Gotcha, Chris. Only whites can be bigots. Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard focuses on Matthews’ use of the word “definition” and, not surprisingly, can’t find Matthews’ definition anywhere? While Matthews’ certainly made this definition up to suit his moronic narrative (whatever that may be), Noah Rothman, I think, gets to the heart of the epic ignorance displayed by Matthews when he made his absurd declaration:

Matthews took Limbaugh to school on the definition of racism. He said that racism, by definition, is the belief that white people alone should “rule” all other races. This is a “definition” unknown to students of global racial conflict…

While the history of racial discrimination by whites against minorities in the United States and around the world is voluminous and ongoing, racism and racially motivated violence is by no means a phenomenon limited to white people…

Matthew’s claim that white people are the sole practitioners of racism is plainly, almost proudly, ignorant. Furthermore, such a statement suggests a lack of intellectual rigor or even curiosity about the nature of global conflict. At the very least, statements like these do not serve the audience of a news program.

Indeed. This brings me back to my very first point: Only MSNBC’s audience is served by this kind of drivel. But then again, nobody would ever accuse MSNBC of airing news programs. Video below.

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