Eighth-Grader Jailed for Wearing NRA T-Shirt

Our educational system is doing wonders to continue indoctrinating our youth.

A West Virginia Elementary School has determined that a mere picture of a rifle equals violence.

As the Christian Science Monitor reports:

On Thursday, the same day that the gun lobby and its supporters in Congress roundly defeated a package of gun control bills pushed by President Obama, eighth-grader Jared Marcum was suspended by Logan Middle School and briefly jailed for wearing a pro-NRA T-shirt.

The T-shirt had picture of a gun, and school officials deemed it a violation of their dress code, which bans profanity, discrimination, or violence on clothing.

Notice it doesn’t say that it was a picture of someone (or anything else) being shot by that rifle.  Just a photo of the rifle alone and being “pro-NRA” is either profane or violent by judgment of people paid to teach our children with our tax dollars.

Interestingly enough, the article references another case from the past:

In the landmark 1969 case, Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, the Supreme Court ruled that students could wear black armbands to school to protest the Vietnam War. Students do not “shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech at the schoolhouse gate,” the court said.

It was apparently cool to protest the Vietnam war.  But it’s not okay to support the Second Amendment and to be proud of that?

It makes you wonder what would have happened if the rifle had a circle around it with a slash going through it, would the image then be acceptable?

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