GOP Strategist Speaks Out: The Problem for Conservative Women is the ‘Inner-Circle’ of Men in D.C. (VIDEO Included)

Kudos to Cheri Jacobus, a longtime D.C. strategist and columnist over at The Hill.  In her latest column, she lays the GOP’s real problem with women and minorities at the feet of D.C. white-male consultants and the RNC.

Holding my nose, I engaged in RNC bean counting. It isn’t pretty.

What prompted this?  Yet another Republican National Committee (RNC) cringe-worthy press release proudly patting itself on the back with the announcement of a mid-level job created to “reach out” to African-American media and the hiring of (presumably) an African-American to fill the post, who will report to another mid-level ethnic minority hire charged with reaching out to minorities. This comes on the heels of a press release announcing the addition of two men of Asian ethnicity whose mid-level job description is outreach to Asian ethnic voters and media. Women are also included in that part of the RNC’s website for “coalitions,” though we comprise more than half of all voters.

As Jacobus describes, this is the permanent-political-class way of “reaching out,” using mid-level job positions to prove how hip and in touch they are.  But as she goes on to explain, the good old boys aren’t willing to give their head honcho titles up to women or minorities quite yet.

Where are the announcements of women and minorities being appointed to the top-level posts?


Every RNC department head is a white man: the communications director, political director, research director, chief of staff, and on and on it goes.

But as Jacobus goes on to explain, if the Republican Party would simply apply the standards of its own policies in lieu of allowing itself to be dictated to by a very few in top positions in D.C. (who happen to also be white men), it would have no problem with the women vote.  You see, while D.C. consultants are busy trying to drum up bureaucratic photo-ops, women within the party’s grassroots and organic movement have done just fine without the power players and their accompanying occasional crumbs. (Emphasis added)

The establishment GOP, which claims to “get it” after two consecutive drubbings in presidential elections with their hand at the till, is made up almost exclusively of men. Despite polls showing the nation is right-of-center and slightly more female than male, we lose with women and therefore we lose the race.

Women organically rise to positions of influence from the grassroots and Tea Party — arguably responsible for the GOP 2010 House majority — as evidenced by the support for Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, the election of four female GOP governors and the influence of pundits Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham and others. The establishment needs to catch up.

It’s a terrific, commonsense article.  Ms. Jacobus has been part of the Washington environment for 30 years.  Being someone who seems to have gotten involved to make a difference, she seems uniquely qualified to speak on the matter.  She also deserves notice for having such courage, especially nowadays. You can read the whole thing here.

The trouble isn’t the Republican Party’s platform.  It’s not women.  It’s not the voters.  It’s the men pulling the purse strings and collecting the big cash in D.C. who must get out of the way.

Fox News followed up with Jacobus on her article:


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