Jen Kuznicki: Wehner Hearts Rove

Yesterday, Brian penned a great open letter to persistent Palin-Hater Peter Wehner in response to his latest screed. Today, Jen Kuznicki provides some background that helps explain Wehner’s PDS. She writes:

Sometimes you really don’t want to know all you can know about a person, but then, things become more clear when you take the time to search.

Wehner was called the “Minister of Propaganda” by the left while he was serving in the Bush Administration directly beneath Karl Rove. To see just how much he reveres Rove, is to really understand Wehner, and it’s kind of sickening.

Giving Rove a smooch in 2007, Wehner wrote about his post in the Bush Administration, created for him by Karl Rove:

I asked others who knew Karl Rove about him; after all, I didn’t know Karl all that well and I was about to work directly for him. And so I spoke to Josh Bolten, then deputy chief of staff, who had recommended me for the OSI job. And Josh had a very short summary of Karl: “He’s brilliant, he’s a genius, and he’s a deeply wonderful human being.”

I suspected the first two things said about Karl were true – but having not worked with him, I could not possibly have known about the third. Now I do.

Karl is sui generis; no other White House aide in modern times has played the indispensable role he has. His political achievements are by now well-known.

They sure are! Five short years later, the one-of-a-kind Rove won bupkiss while the ‘deeply wonderful human being’ slashed at Palin for winning most of her endorsed candidate’s campaigns, by simply endorsing them.

Some day books will be written about what a phenomenon of nature this man is.


In this youtube, Wehner agrees that the Romney campaign lost because he did not turn out his base. Yet he believes the base is getting smaller, and had the Romney camp had more money they could have done a better job. He continues to suggest the American electorate is shifting because of minority presence. Again, the Republican machine foisted the Romney candidacy on the base, and it was rejected, and though Wehner states Romney was a bad candidate, he puts no emphasis whatsoever in the lack of principle in the campaign which was the reason Romney didn’t win the base. The problem with Wehner’s suppositions are that he refuses to see what Domenech correctly diagnoses, both in his rebuttal and previously here, as the total and complete waste of money used for beltway gain at the expense of the country. But Wehner can’t truly get his point across because he first said he thought Romney was a bad candidate, and when Domenech lays out the track to win, citing limited government and principled stands, Wehner responds by saying Romney was a good candidate. Which is it? Well, Wehner felt like Ben was bashing his non-ideologic ideology that he shares with Romney, so he felt immediately defensive. As an aside, if you watch the video, Wehner is extremely rude and antagonistic to Domenech, which is the Bush Mandarin way. Bash ‘em, belittle them, burn down the farm, because they are offering a different view.

Goes to character, your honor.

That is what is at the heart of the resurgence of Karl Rove, Wehner’s bud, the ‘architect’ of political close calls, and this time, with all the money at his disposal, Rove treated the country to the beltway style of fixing problems. Throwing money down the drain for political expedience.

What does it matter, they never felt they could win against the most radically Marxist President this nation has ever seen. Once such an overwhelming cancerous attitude pervades the beltway, they cannot and will not see clearly.

Please go here to read the entire piece.

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