Milton Wolf: Shaking the moss off the GOP

There’s not much I can add to Milton Wolf’s piece in the Washington Times. He makes many of the points we’ve been making here for months, if not years. He discusses the miserable track record of the GOP Establishment in picking quality candidates, and contrasts that with the demonstrable success Governor Palin has had, not only in picking winners, but in identifying and backing true conservative candidates against establishment choices when it counts. Here are a few excerpts:

Would you invest in a company with a string of failures as sweeping as the GOP establishment’s? Mitt  Romney, John McCain and Bob  Dole: All are products of the establishment, and all are failed candidates  who opened the doors to the Obama and Clinton  eras.

Even when establishment candidates do manage to win office — George  H.W. Bush and George W. Bush — it’s a  stretch to call their presidencies successful. The only undeniably successful  Republican president of the modern era — Ronald  Reagan — reached the White House by  overcoming the opposition of the GOP  establishment. Now the Gipper is considered to be among the greatest presidents  in American history…

The GOP establishment does not pick  winners. Consider former Florida Gov. Charlie  Crist, the establishment’s choice for senator. When primary voters chose Mr. Rubio instead, the contemptible Mr.  Crist abandoned the party to run an independent campaign against Mr.  Rubio and has now even become a registered Democrat. Never forget that this  is the repugnant figure who the GOP  insiders supported instead of Mr. Rubio.

Now Karl Rove — the consummate insider — has launched his so-called  Conservative Victory Project to protect entrenched Republicans against future Marco Rubios. Imagine that: The man who pushed George W. Bush’s government  explosion, including “no bureaucrat left behind” at the Department  of Education, the largest expansion of Medicare in the history of the program and the TARP  bank bailouts, now wants to choose your candidates…

By their own standards, the GOP  establishment’s record of choosing candidates is a lesson in abject failure.  They lose, and even when they win, we lose.

Compare that to Sarah Palin’s record of  choosing candidates: Mr. Cruz, Mr.  Lee, Mr. Paul and Mr.  Rubio, as well as Patrick J. Toomey, Jeff Flake, Deb  Fischer, Scott Walker and Nikki  Haley. The list goes on. The former senator and incoming Heritage  Foundation President Jim DeMint says the  former Alaska governor “has more influence in primaries than any other  endorsement.” She’s loaded for bear…

It’s time to clean house.

We need more Ted Cruzes and Mike Lees, more Rand Pauls and Marco  Rubios, and we can’t just sit around waiting for the GOP  establishment to deliver. They haven’t, and they won’t. It’s time to take a page  out of Sarah Palin’s playbook. It’s time to  take on the establishment. For the sake of our party and the republic, it’s time  to lock and load.

There’s a lot more to Wolfe’s piece and I recommend you go here and read the whole thing.


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