Mr. L: Governor Palin Speaks For The Country Class & That’s Why I’m Loaded For Bear

Via Mr. L’s Tavern:

I told one RNC caller to take a long walk off a short pier.  I educated another as to why I only donate to SarahPAC. I explained to him that we have a ruling class and a country class in America and the republicans have failed to speak for people like me in the country class.  Sarah Palin speaks for me and others in the country class and that’s why I’m loaded for bear, CLICK!   If you thought that the attacks on Palin’s “Loaded For Bear 2014” ad were immediate and coordinated—you’re right. They were.  No Labels co-founder John Avlon is either misinformed or disingenuous in his harried claims against SarahPAC. The book of Sarah is far from closed and the new chapter has yet to be written. This and more.

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